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2001-04-07 22:12:33 (UTC)

HEAVEN verse:Every breeze that..


verse:Every breeze that I feel
Every star that I see
Helps me to remember that
You're watching over me

I know that you're here
Standing right beside me
Helping me out
Being the things I long to be

refrain:Oh heaven is where all the angels sing
And you're there with God watching over everything
Oh heaven, heaven
You're up in heaven and you're waiting there for me

verse:The day that you left
I asked, "Why not me?"
I'll meet you in heaven
So please wait there for me

I know that you're there
You're finally free
What's it like up in heaven
Someday I'll see


verse:I'm praying for you
I hope you're praying for me
I hope I get to heaven
So please leave me the key

I'll be there with you
And I'll finally see
What it's like up in heaven
And how it feels to be free


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