words better left unsaid
2001-12-20 06:09:55 (UTC)


Well, I finally got to the mall! got my sister off the
couch and hit taco bell first. While we were there, we
came upon an interesting topic of discussion. Quadrents..
My sister has a new theory that there are 4 main Quadrents
that everyone fits in. And within the Quadrents, there are
3 sublevals. Quad one being the nasty people no one ever
wants to be around, much less date them.. Quad two, the not
so dateable people but you wouldn't mind associating with
them. Then there is the average person slot in between the
second and third quads. The third Quad is those really
popular and good looking people you see around, then Quad
four is like models, and acters. In each quad there is
three levels called sublevels. everyone fits in a quad,
into one of the sublevels. So the theory is that normally
people do not date anyone who is three sublevels up or
more. SOO.. thinking on this.. it is so true. When you
see some really pretty girl with a not so good looking
guy.. everyone wonders why right?? I guess it just proves
that we are all shallow. No one says.. I think im going to
get to know that really ugly person.. I bet he/she is
really nice! Maybe I will even get to date him/her!
YEAHRIGHT... in the movies, the only reason they date
them is when it's a So this has been my thought
for the day.. what do you think??

THE REST OF THE NIGHT.... well the rest of the night I
spent making candy with my mother and sister.. LOTS and
LOTS of candy. We had to make enough for all the people in
my mom and dad's offices. YIKES! I about got sick just
smelling all the chocolate. So, that's all for now!