Sweet Child

Sweet Life
2001-12-20 05:55:38 (UTC)

What Happened?!

No more of this. I'm tired of it all. I'm tired of the
teenage drama. It's just pissing me off. Since when do I
care? Since when does how other people feel effect what I
do? Since when do I care how other people feel? Since when
do I care? I'm here, with all this pathetic drama. It's
driving me insane. I should be out having fun. Hurting
people & liking it. Being wild. Screwing with people's
heads. I should be out being what I love to be the most. A
bitch. What happened to that bitch who hated everyone? She
was so much fun & did whatever she wanted. She didn't care
what anybody else thought or had to say. She was a free
spirit. Free of everything that could hold her down. Just
free. With such dead life in her. Never happy, but enjoyed
the trouble she caused. The pain she could put people
through. To pay them back for hurting her to begin with.
What happened to that girl who never let anyone tell her
what to do? Who never let anyone influence how she felt. I
don't know about you people & I honestly don't care, but
man I miss being that bitch. I actually enjoyed life. I
made the best of it & never let anyone tell me anything.
The one hated the most. I miss the drive I got from all
that hate. The rush. Life was always so exciting &
unpredictable. I went out with the bad boys & messed with
their heads. We had fun. Down right fun. I miss that. I
want that back. And nothing is going to stop me from
getting it back either. I will knock down every person who
triues to get in my way. Those people will pay. Along with
everyone else that has caused me pain. Except for those who
I still care about. Which is only like one person. The one
person I was with when actually enjoyed life. Mostly
because of him. The one person I could never intentionally
hurt. Aaron of course. I couldn't imagine hurting him the
way I purposely did to others. Well anyway, yes, I'm going
to have a great time again. No one will stop me or get in
my way.

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