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2001-12-20 05:52:31 (UTC)

for (the) sake of the title

by the way, that was justin.

i've been using trillian after baskin's recommendation and
i must admit it is so pretty. sadly, i think it is
interfering with the smooth flow of my computer's thought
process. the most "wow" feature is a log that stores all
the conversations you've had with another user. EVER.

it's quite frightening really. i used to regret not saving
important discussions/arguements, but this gives me too
much control.

on a nonparallel note, school is out and i'm rejoicing in the
nothingness of days to come. if i wasn't in complete denial, i would
realize that i barely have time to sleep, much less relax. and so
the crisis hasn't changed; it only appears to be less urgent,
disguised by this thing we call "holiday." in all actuality, the
future doom is not halted but continually approaches closer still,
however silent.

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