2001-04-07 22:04:46 (UTC)

WATCH OUT verse:When you re..


verse:When you're climbing up the ladder to success
Don't let the boys look up your dress
They'll say you're cute, they'll say you're fine
But 9 months later, they'll say, "It's not mine!"

refrain:A heart is not a playing thing
A heart is not a toy
But if you want it broken
Give it to a boy

I said-watch out
Before they go
Cuz when they're gonna leave ya
No-you'll never know

verse:So if he tries to make a move
Quickly turn your back
And if he tries it one more time
Give him a great big smack


verse:So watch out girls they're all the same
Except they have a different name
They'll get your hopes up, then make you fall
Believe me there's more, that's not all