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2001-04-07 21:58:44 (UTC)

JUST AN ILLUSION verse:I saw..


verse:I saw you standing there
With a smile on your face
And I stepped a bit closer
Just in case this is the time and the place

The way that you stood
Like the BMOC
Little did I know
You weren't falling for me

refrain:Just an illusion
You weren't really there
Just an illusion
I guess you don't care
Just an illusion
It just isn't fair
Just an illusion
As I stand here and stare

verse:The way that you walked
And tilted your head
You weren't looking at me at all
But someone else instead

I hoped you would come
And run your hands through my hair
But all I could do
Is just stand here and stare


verse:If only you would come
It doesn't seem like much
And brush right beside me
With a gentle touch

Oh, the things I would do
To hold your hand
It may seem simple
But you'll never understand