2001-12-20 05:07:38 (UTC)

December 19, 2001 9:58pm

I don't really know how to feel right now. It's not that
there's something that happened or anything, I'm just in a
weird mood.
Today, I went to school, and it was fun. I got all of the
copies that I need to finish another 3 syllabus' in
English, and enough for one more in the rest of my classes,
that way I can finish all that over Christmas break.
Tomorrow's the last day, and then Christmas break starts. I
don't know if I'm even excited or not, so that's weird too.
Oh well, who cares.
I didn't do a whole lot besides that though. Well, I did go
over to Todd's for a little while with Amanda. It was quite
awkward for me to be there, but he was really cool. And
when I was walking out the door, he looks at me, and
says "you know, you're still really pretty." I didn't know
what else to say but thank you, so I did just that and
left. Then after Todd's, I took Amanda to McDonald's and we
ate a little bit. The whole way, she just kept asking me
what was wrong, because I've been having a few mood swings.
I mean, everyone can tell my looking at me that there's
something wrong, but nobody, including me, knows what it
is. Wish I did though. I'd feel better.
Well, I was supposed to see Justin today, but that didn't
happen either. He wanted Amanda and I to go out there and
take him some stuff, and visit with him. Well, by the time
he finally got ahold of us, it was too late for Amanda and
I to go out there, because we knew we'd be there for
awhile. But we told him we'd go over there after school
tomorrow, so I will. :-D
I don't really know what else to say, so I'll go ahead and
put an end to my ramblings. Well, at least for a few
seconds. I have a new favorite song (go figure) so I'm
gonna put it in here. And no, it has absolutely no "hidden
meaning" I just think it's a cool song. Well, adios!