Jennifer's Words
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2001-12-20 04:57:11 (UTC)

Not Without Event

Woke up this morning ahead of schedule. Got myself ready
for work, did some campus errands and was off.. I thought
I'd make good time and be able to get heady before work.
Well.... fuck, 20 minutes on the highway and a back tire
blows out... I had my headphones on too, so I was a little
confused. I remember there was a nail in the tire way back
in September, but I know that you're supposed to leave
objects inbedded... you're probably just not supposed to
leave the tire on for three months. Live and learn.
Stopped in at ole Rocco's.. they hate the hair, but find it
Good news!! Little cutie Lauren from the beginning of the
summer is working there again, I can't wait to see her!!
Maybe she got dumped :-)
Hehe.. I wish...
Other news... all seems to be going well with dad, he's
being very receptive to what i've had to say so far, easing
in... I was very snappy, but probably due to lack of
nicotene all day.
Mom.. whole other story, more to come later..
Other than that.. trying to stay productive, motivated, and

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