Joshin Jane

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2001-12-20 04:44:51 (UTC)

current TO DO list

if i talk to myself in person, i may as well speak to
myself in writing.
some fine pointers for myself:
- learn to spell delusional on the 14th try
- write for yourself, not for whoever's've
fallen into a self-conscious rut
- don't lose casey
- get rid of that god damned puerto rican white whale
- stop assuming that real people (ie grocery store
personel) are familiar with the word "strapplesauce"
- look good in mournful black attire
- don't shut things and people out because it hurts to your heart and let yourself cry
- get a barn
- cut down on the talking to yourself business
- don't think too's bad for the eyes or fingers
or some body part...

now the real to do list.
i've written it down at least 9 times over break and lost every
single one so i figured electronically sealing it would be a good
safety measure.
- summer grants, sara tucker
- PRev job
- uchicago summer app
- mom's credit card
- becky's feb break
- russia trip is...::drumroll:: feb 15th to the 24th
- senior schedule
- lawrence application
- GSA soc platform
- chem take-home
- history book
- hamlet
- find a ride back from chapel on saturday