Legacy Of The Corpse
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2001-12-20 04:37:11 (UTC)

Ashlie's Stupid Party.

Date: December 19, 2001
Time: 11:28 PM
Mood: Blah....
Music: Marilyn Manson, Great Big White World.

Well I ended up going to Ashli's stupid party anyways
and as I thought it sucked ass. Shawna and I left for the
party around 9:00 that evening and stoped to get smokes and
the normal stuff u need when u go drinking. When we got
there Ashli's sister Tammy was fighting with her Husband
Tim and it was gettin really ugly. I even think he hit her.
So we went down stairs to her basement and waited for
Ashlie to come down stairs and start the party with us.
Shawna, Blair and I waited a long time so we started
drining the vodka with out her and got into some trouble.
Shawna and Blair wanted to put on some stupid 80'd hair
band music cause thats all ugly ass Blair will listen too
and when the opened the entertainment center to get the cds
the fucking thing fell apart all over the floor. So the two
idots put it back together all weird by leaning stuff up
against it to hold it together...It was rather funny.
After some time passed and they messed around with the
entertainment center some more Ashlie finnaly cam down
stairs. She mixed a drink and they all started makin fun of
me for being gay wich made me wanna leave but I did not. I
just stayed and took it like an idiot like I normaly do. Im so stupid
I should have just left.
Well shortley after we all had a few drinks and the gay jokes
started to get really mean another asshole showed up. His name is BJ
and I used to be friends with him when we were in middel school
together. He was alright back then but grew into a real asshole.
After Bj came he fixed him self a drink and joined in on the
pick on me fun that got to the point where Blair just about got
punched int the face. Bj started to bug shawna about going out side
and talking to him. I knew all he wanted to do is fuck but Shawna
made me promise to never let her do that. No matter what I said to
her or him she still went out side with him. Soon after that Blair
and Ashlie went into the bathroom and did not come out for a long
time. I know they were fucking cause I could hear the load moans and
it grossed me out big time.
After about and hour of sittin by my self and being borded I
felf like being nosey. So I went to the door and listen in on what Bj
and Shawna were doing out side. What I heard really pissed me off
cause they were talkin about me! She was sayin stuff like I would
have never thought that I would have a best friend that was gay and
that she thinks its kinda gross that I am and mean shit like that. I
now wish I would have never went to the door and listened in. She saw
me and started to bitch about me listen in on what they were saying.
Then me and her started fighting a bit and soon after Ashlie and her
boy toy came out of the bathroom and Shawna and I decided to leave
instead of stayin the night.

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