2001-12-20 04:32:18 (UTC)


Well, today I woke up at 10:30 AM, which is early for me
because I don't go to bed until late. I got dressed and
went to Greenbrier Mall in VA to finish my Christmas
shopping. I got Jerry his Penn State hat, and looked
everywhere for his Bears jersey but ABSOLUTELY NOBODY had
ANYTHING Bears. They are popular right now. I feel bad I
couldn't get him what he really wanted, but I got him a
pair of jeans instead. Well, after the mall I was headed
toward the airport to pick up Danny. But of course I got
lost. After and extra 20 minutes of driving I got there
and then waited until his plane landed. It was good to see
him, but my mind was elsewhere all night. After I got home
I went to see Jerry and then came home only to find my mom
didn't pay the Net bill so I couldn't log on. So I
borrowed Jerry's until we get ours back up. He is so sweet
to me....who wouldn't love this guy? Well, Danny wanted to
come over but I am exhausted and don't really feel like
entertaining anyone tonight so I told him no and he got mad
at me! I mean GEEZE people....I am 8 months pregnant and I
have been on my feet all day. Give me some credit here,
it's not as easy as it sounds lugging a 5 pound baby around
all day. But anyways, I keep getting the feeling I am
going to go into labor early, like beginning or middle of
January, but I guess we will have to see. On the emotional
front, I am the happiest I have been in a really really
really long time. Jerry is the most wonderful man I have
ever dated in my life, and he loves my baby like it is his
own, which is really hard to find. I love him with all my
heart, and one day maybe he will love me just the same, but
only time will tell. He broke up with his fiance about 3
months ago, and I know he still thinks about it. That is
ok, though. I am here now and hopefully I will help his
get over everything and realize he can love
again....hopefully me. :D Home wise everything is normal.
Mom is Mom, but she had a panic attack today at Wal-Mart
and had to leave all of her stuff and come home. I feel
really bad for her. She gets worse around the holidays
because she thinks that I am going to be upset if I don't
have a large Christmas. But even though I have tried to
tell her, she doesn't realize that I don't care about
that. Just as long as I have my family and friends I am
content. I already have everything I could ask for. I
guess it is just because she didn't have big Christmases
when she was my age, and she wants everything good for me.
I love her so much. And oh boy when this baby gets here,
can we say SPOILED. He is already spoiled and he isn't
even here yet. But it's OK. She can spoil him all she
wants. :D Well, I'm going to go to bed and rest my weary

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