Tales of Samsara
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2001-12-20 04:29:43 (UTC)

Samsara Day 1

Within the acceleration of the flipping pages of my life I
have found myself lately most settled like a rock.
Unchanged in the mist of stagnation it's hard to see the
future yet dream of one as if I am instead part of the
scenery. Have my past philosophies evoked from the realm
that all is nothing and nothing is all blinded my passion
as an artist? Very possible. Maybe I am thirsty for
friction, longing for ignorance. Shall I abolish my belief
that to be human one must become an actor and if not a
chainsaw unflinching? Who was it that threw these ghostly
handcuffs on my soul hands? I guess I'll take the blame
for that one. Recognition is the foundation for change...
Until next time,

Cheryl Nova(a Pablo Picasso painting in the making)