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2001-12-20 04:27:53 (UTC)


Continued from THE MENTOR AWAKENS posted 11-13-01


"I sat mouth agape as I pictured what it must have been
like in India, high in the mountains, crisp rarified air
biting at your nostrils and filling your lungs to the
bottom of the last tiny air sac. The sun breaking the tops
of the peaks and having your mind explode, but not explode;
to be whole, but not whole. I wanted it, I wanted my mind
to explode in a brilliant flash of illumination. When I
told the man next door that was what I wanted, he just
shook his head and smiled. Day after day I went back and
pestered him. Day after day he told me he had nothing to

"Finally, in desperation that I might not ever stop
bothering him, he began giving me small hints into what one
might do if anything were to be done. But nothing. I
listened to what he said, studied and practiced faithfully,
but still nothing."

"One day he told me he would be moving soon and I would be
on my own. The pressure of the multitudes were crunching
down on him and he sought a more solitary lifestyle. He
told me that prior to his departure a highly honored
Japanese Zen master would be coming to the U.S. and since
what I seemed to be seeking and what Zen is paralleled,
suggested I see him. He had taken it upon himself to make
the arrangements for me to attend a special week long
sesshin under the master. I can still see myself furrowing
my brow and shaking my head. Except for the Maharshi, the
man next door never mentioned anybody specific, but here he
was suggesting I see someone who was supposed to be a
Dharma master. I stood looking down rubbing my foot in
small sweeping arcs across the floor all the while asking
myself what was the matter with what I had been doing, I
was uneasy, no afraid to see some master guy."

To be continued...

NOTE: For those who may have an interest, further writings
and offering by the Wanderling regarding Zen and
Enlightenment can be found by going to the Google search
engine and typing in the word: wanderling

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