Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
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2001-12-20 04:09:30 (UTC)

cry part X

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part X

Everyone was back but as Korriana smiled, she
turned around. Setsuno lay on the floor. His steady breath
causing his chest to rise and fall. Then his body stated to
disapear. Korriana ran to him but as she fell to his side
he was gone. "NOO SETSUNO!!" She screamed in pain. She
pounded the ground, "Come back... please don't leave me..."
The whole world flashed black...
Korriana ran through the cold streets of Tokyo. The
fresh sent of blood in her hair. "Stop running you coward!
Face me!" She screamed at the fleaing monster. "Mercury ice
storm!" She called, sending a cold beam of ice strait at
the monsters back. Finally catchimng up with the iced over
monster, she kicked it clear across the back of it's head.
Shattering its body on impact. "Lets get a move on there's
still more out there! I can smell their fear." She called
back to N.S Jupiter, D.N. Jupiter, N.S.Pluto, R.K. Saturn,
and R.K. Jupiter.
"Korri, please we need to stop. We've gotten rid of
four today." Jikanchi pleaded.
"No! Not untill theyre all gone!" Korriana shot
back. Her eyes angry and trying to hold back tears.
"We've been out here for days, we all need rest."
Herashino tryed.
"Are you going weak on me Heashino!" she spat at
him. Then she jumped off into the sky, chasing the sent of
the next monsters fear. Neikanredi teloported after her.
"Neo Sailor Mercury! Stop this madness. I know what
you're doing!" Neikanredi said glaring down on her friend.
"How can you know how it feels!" Korriana shoted at
her. "You don't know what its like! To have him forget
every thing! It's been two years! And we've heard nothing
of him!" Korriana began to cry. Neikanredi pulled the small
girl into her arms. "Why did he do that! Why did he leave
me here all alone!" She sobbed.
"Korri.. I know how it feels..." Kaminora said
quietly. "I know what you're going through.." Korriana's
sobbs quieted down as she remembered that night long ago.
That night when Kaminora lost her love. Korriana turned
away and buried her face in Neikanredi's chest. "I know
you're hurt.. but we have to rest.." Kaminora said placeing
a hand on her friends shoulder. It had been two years since
Setsuno's sacrafice. Korriana wasn't going to last much
longer if she kept this up. Kaminora didn't know what to
do. She tryed to think of how to help her friend. The music
came back to her. The sad flute began to play its haunting
melody. Then out of nowhere Korriana's body tensed as she
struggled to brake free of Neikanredi's arms. Korriana
finally managed to get away and ran twords the inner city
where she senced another monster. Kaminora began tio chase
after her but she was stoped by Neikanredi's strong hand.
"Let her go.. I have a feeling this is going to do
her good..." Neikanredi whispered.
"I hoope your right..." Kaminora said as she
watched Korriana's retreating back.

Setsuno woke up in his apartment. Sweat dripped
from his body. "What a dream.." he mutterd "wounder what it
means?" He threw the sheets from his body and got up for
school. After washing off, he got into his uniform and
found a strang charm in his shirt poket. He carfuly
exsamend the charm. It was a small hour glass with black
sand in it. He slightly shook the glass, causeing the sand
to unsettle itself. Setsuno then tryed to put the neclace
down. But it wouldn't let go of him. He tryed shaking his
hand but it just refused to leave. Finally giving up he
atached it around his neck, and started twords the school.
As he walked the dream kept making it self known. He
remembered the girl most of all. "Who was she?" he thought
to himself. "she sure is pretty." As he neared the school
he smiled at the thought of the short haired girl.
"SETSUNO!!" A tall brown haired boy called from
behind him. Setsuno turned and smiled at his friend.
"Shuukou! It's good to see you!" Setsuno smiled.
"Hey wheres Jikanchi? I thought you two were
insepratable!" His friend laughed, and continued his way to
his first class.
"Jikanchi?" Setsuno whispered to himself. "Who?"
Setsuno's day was the same. Every time her turned around
some one else was asking him where this Jikanchi was. And
he for the life of him didnt know who this girl was. But
the name did sound sorta familliar.
"Okay class today we're going to study Myths of the
old days." Mr. Beikoku stated. "One of my favorite legonds
was about the gaurdians of the planets. Each planet had
it's own worrior princess. But my most favorite worrior was
the worriror of Pluto. This was the salitary guardian of
time. She was very respected by the other kindoms, but none
dared to cross her. For her powers were un heard of, and
powerful." Mr. Beikoku, continued to taolk about the
gaurdian of the planet Pluto. Setsuno thought he had never
heqard of this story befor, but now it was sounding oddly
familiar. "She was said to be one of the prettiest worriors
of the planets, her name was Sensa.. I think." Setsuno
became angry at the name his teacher had called the
"Her name was Setsuna!" Setsuno screamed angrly at
his teacher. The class went silent. He didn't have any idea
why he knew that. For that fact why was he so upset about
that any way... it was only a myth. Right?
Later that day Setsuno began to walk home from
school. When he heard screaming. Instinktivly he ran twords
the noise. At the end of a long aleyway was a large monster
atacking a beautiful girl. That girl looked so familiar.
She screamed out again wakeing him from his thoughts. "I
have to help her.." he whispered as tears began to pour
from his cheeks. "Why.. why am I crying..." the small
pendant on his neck began to glow. The light sent heat
through his chest. "KORRIANA!" He yelled. Memories began to
flow into his mind. The nights they had shared, the battles
they fought. And then the last battle the fought. Setsuno
jumped up and charged at the beast. Hearing her name
Korriana looked ip with pain filled eyes.
"No Setsuno Stay Away!" she cryed as she saw him.
Setsuno held the hourglass tightly in his hand.
"Pluto Knight Planet Power, Transform!" setsuno
cryed his cloths lengthening to his robes. The tall staff
forming in his hands. "No omne hurts KORRIANA!" Setsuno's
eyes became as cold as the ice that Mercury created. "DArk
torot!" a random card flew from Setsuno's hands, and stuck
into the monster like a dart. The card was the lovers. Soon
the monster began splitting right down it's center ripping
right in two. Korriana lay dazed on the ground, tears
welling up in her eyes. Finally she gt up and ran to
"SETSUNO!!" she screamed as she crashed into his
arms. "I've missed you so much." she managed to choke out
between sobbs.
"I'll never leave you again Korri... Never again."

The End.
By: Kitty Maxwell
Authers Note: This is the start of a new story of just let
it out and cry. I hope you've enjoyed this rendition,
please dont feel bad for ny of the charactors. They all
turn out ok... hopefuly...