diary of a bi christian
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2001-12-20 04:07:15 (UTC)

entry 3 - christmas spirit? LETS FEAST

Today was the best day. I was sooo in the Christmas spirit
today. For sum reason, i was soo happy today. Excited bout
tonight i presume. I went to school today. School rocked.
No lessons just watchin movies in every class. I
practically stayed in my English teachers home room all
day. We watched sum tyte azz movies. My friend gave me a
weird present. A bottle of barbie shampoo. It was sooo
weird but funny.

Then i got out of skool at 12 and went to orthodontist. My
god my toofies hurt. I hate when they tighten your braces
and they tighten them very very tight. Then you get sore
teeth for next 2 or 3 days. BLAH!

Then i got ready for church.

K.K. picked me up for church and we got there. I talked to
all the usual people then i sat down. OMG it was the best
service. I really felt the presence of god inside of me and
in the room. The presence was stronger than ever. The band
rocked like always. They played sum of my fave songs. P.C.
did a really great sermon and there was a human video to
POD's "Alive". Then was the time i craved. I craved alter
time. I prayed and prayed because i had gotten away from
god the past couple of days. I felt the Holy Ghost and the
spirit inside of me. Like it was passing through me.

Then....FEAST! There was a big buffet of food. Everything
you could want: Pizza,cookies,turkey,ham,chips,drPepper
(FAVE),etc. etc. K.K. was a pig and ate a crap load of
food. She cracks me up soo much. I love her to death
sumtimes. Well i gotta go. SEE YA!

Quote of the Day:
"I wanna give you. Whatever you need. What is it you need?
Is it within me? Its hard to explain how I am getting by on
so little from you. Its hard to believe that I would let
myself get so wrapped into you"
- Dashboard Confessional


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