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2001-12-20 04:03:45 (UTC)

cry part VII

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part VII

"What are we going to do. You saw how angry he got.
And now he's taken her away again." Herashino spoke as they
all sat around Korriana's coffie table. He looked up at
Honizen. "She protected you, from her fate." He tryed to
hold back his tears. "SHE PROTECTED YOU!" Herashino got up
and ran from the room. Honizen was still in a transe from
finding out her brother had been killed. As he ran he
wasn't sure why he was upset, or who he was angry at. He
couldn't be angry at Shizumaru. But he couldn't be angry at
Honizen either. What was going on. Who was he mad at, could
it be Neikanredi her self. Could he be angry at her.

"What happend? Are the others ok?" Neikanredi asked
trying to get up.
"Their all fine. Honizen is just a little shaken
up." Shizumaru told her in his claming voice.
"Honizen is Nikkaro's younger sister. She was a
little shaken by the atack but she'll be fine."
"His sister. He had a sister? I never knew..."
Neikanredi felt an ach in her chest. "Herashino..." Her
body began to flicker. Shizumaru held onto her for dear
life. The two were surronded in an emerald light. And then,
they disapeared.

"Damn-it what's wrong with me!" Herashino screamed
as he took his agresions out on the large punching bag in
the gym. Punch after punch he would let a small amount of
energy; shock the building. Soon the lights began to
'Herashino... Shino-kun help me...' a small voice
whispered in his ears. He turned with so much speed a great
wind began to circle around him.
'Help me Shino-kun...'
"Hold on, I'm comming Kaminora!!" As he ran twords
the voice the world around him began to grow darker. Soon
he was running in a void. Blackness all around him. Quickly
he stoped and took in his saroundings. "Damn it, where am
"Your right where I want you to be. Herashino
Kino!" A wicked voice laughed at him. "You weren't
sapposed to kill her, I had already resurved that right for
me!" Jade said steping out of a shadow, and into sight.
"YOU!" Herashino roared. "Ranger Knight Trasform!"
Herashino's body was engaulfed in electricity. When the
thunder and lightning cleared he found him self staring
into the eyes of his love. "Jikanchi..."
"I've been waiting for you Herashino." Jikanchi
held out her hand. "come with me Heashino, we dont need any
one else. We can rule together on Jupiter. Kaminora will
never come back, and Neikanredi sirtenly dosen't care for
you any more, if she did she would have protected you. All
you have to do is take my hand Herashino, and you can
forget all about her."
"But what about your brother? Wont you miss him?"
"All I need is you Herashino. Just take my hand."

"Where is he!" Neikanredi yelled as she ran down
the countless streets to find her brother. None of the
others had known. Finally she spotted him, he was standing
in frount of... Jade! "Shino-kun! What are you doing!?" She
called to him as she watched him slowly reach his hand up
to Jades. Herashino stopped after he heard her voice.
"Neikan... redi..." His voice sounded distant.
Almost longing.
"She's just trying to take you away from me! She
dosen't love you! If she loved you why wouldn't she protect
you befor. She's just a lieing tramp!"
"No Herashino, I do love you! You're my brother!!
You and Shizumaru are all I have left!" Neikanredi pleaded.
"Shut up you fool he's mine!" the person who
Herashino thought was Jikanchi, who was actully Jade cried
at her. Quickly Jade raised her hand and fired an energy
blast at Neikanredi. As Herashino watched the blast hit his
sister, he turned to Jikanchi.
"Jupiter Thunder bolt!" he raored as he thurst his
hand into Jade's stomach. "Only an enemy could harm her
best friend! You could never be Jikanchi!" with this he had
broken the spell. Swiftly running to Neikanredi, Herashino
dropped to his knees and pulled her into his arms. "I'm so
sorry Neikanredi... please forgive me." Her body lay still
in his arms, to still... "Neikanredi..." he whispered.
slowly he shook her alittle. After getting no responce from
her Herashino shook her a little more fiecely. "Neikanredi
wake up! Dont leave me! not you too!" Pulling her tightly
agenst his body he began to cry. slowly shadows began to
circle around Herashino and Neikanredi. Not caring any more
Herashino let them do as they pleased. The smokey shadows
engulfed his body, he began to feel the darkness enter his
body. His Ranger Knight coastume began to morph once again.
The long sleaves tore off as his muscular arms dubbled in
size. His short brown hair grew into a thin pony tail, and
the crest of Jupiter's thunder dragon apeared on the chest
of his robes.
"You are stonger now Shino-kun. Mother would be
proud. I know I am." Neikanredi told him. Slowly standing
up from his protective enbrace she touched her fore-finger
to his temple. "Darkness isn't always bad Herashino. Some
times it's all we need." As her finger made contact a small
electrical shock went through Herashino's body. "Now you
have a more powerful atack my brother, Dark Jupiter Thunder
Tears." Neikanredi leaned forward and kissed his fore head,
Sending him through a warp that took him home to a verry
worried Jikanchi.
"Oh thank god your ok!" Jikanchi screamed as she
flung her arms around Herashino as he mystiriosly apeared
in their living room. She began to cry as she barryed her
face into Herashino's strong chest. I thought I'd never see
you again, with that energy blast and all that electricity
I couldn't feel your power any more, I thought... I
thought.. I thought you were..." her tears stopped her from
finishing the sentance.
"Shhh, it's ok now. I'm here. And I'll always come
home to you." Herashino pulled about an inch away from
Jikanchi. He looked into her deep blue-ish green eyes.
Carfully he placed his knuckle under her chin lifting her
face to his. For the first time, Herashino had not been
afraid of what might happen and just lived on his instinks.
He finally kissed Jikanchi. Pulling her closer into his
embrace. She just mirely leaned into his warm flesh. His
strong arms holding her firmly in place. Finally the two
parted their lips. They finally found paece in each others
souls. From now on nothing would ever be the same again. As
Neikaredi watched to glowing orb in the protective arms of
Shizumaru on Saturn, she sighed.
"It took him long enough." She whispered as
Herashino lifted Jikanchi off her feet and carryed her into
his bed room. Waving her hand, Neikanredi cleared the orb
of it's picture. "They should have some alone time.."
"I fully agree." Shizumaru whispered into her
ear, as he to took Neikanredi into his arms and carryed her
to their own bed room. "If you ask me he had the right

The End
Authers note: This rendition of Just let it
out, and cry... has finally been finished. I hope it brings
you back to the next story. For we will finally see if
Neikanredi and Kaminora can finally be seperated. And what
will happen after Setsuno finds out what happend between
Herashino and Jikanchi? For that fact will Korriana exsept
her own darkness and be the only one who can save
Neikanredi from death. It's impossible to kill death, but
if death were turned human what would happen... Untill next
time Ja' ne mina-sama.
By: Kitty Maxwell