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Sea of Ice
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2001-12-20 04:00:06 (UTC)

cry part VI

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part VI

A knock sounded on the door of the Kino residance.
Jumping slightly Jikonchi got off the coach and walked to
the door. Pulling it open she offered a bright smile.
"Hai!" she chimed. A tall girl stood in the door
way. She had long bloond hair tied into a pony-tail with a
red ribbon.
"Hello, my name is Honizen. You must be Kaminora.
I'm here to find Nikkaro would you please tell him I'm
here." Jikonchi's face fell at the acusation that was made.
Then it fell even further at the thought of telling this
girl that Nikkaro was dead.
"I'm sorry but I am not Kaminora. My name is
Jikonchi. And telling Nikkaro will be a problem." she
"Just tell him his sisters here for him!" Honizen
smiled. This made things worse for Jikonchi. This girl was
his sister. Herashino had heard her talking and came to the
"I think you should come inside Honizen." He said
leading her in. "I am Herashino, I'm Kaminora's brother.
Unfortunetly there has been an accident invalving your
brother and my sister." Herashino took a deep breath and
exsplained that her brother had been killed, during a
battle. Honizen's eye filled with tears. Herashino had to
stop to calm him self and Jikonchi down.
"That can't be!" she cryed. "there has to be some
mistake!" her hevy tears pounded to the ground. Jikonchi
pulled her into her arms to calm her down.

Shizumaru gently brushed the stray hairs from
Neikanredi's face. "What have they done to you?" he sighed.
As he turned to get another cold cloth, Neikanredi began to
"What happend... where am I?" she whispered.
Shizumaru smiled down at her.
"Your home now. You'll be safe from them here." he
leaned over and kissed her fore head. "I'm here now."
Holding her close Shizumaru thought about the night
befor. 'What if they went back to help and Kaminora
surfaced again? What if, Neikanredi never returned? What if
they killed her from all their wrong anger? What would I
do? How would I live?' Dropping the thought he turned back
to Neikanredi. her body had tensed. "What's wrong?"
"We need to go to Earth!" She whispered jumping up.
"What do you mean?" he asked fallowing her out to
the gardens.
"Herashino's in troble." finally stopping she
pulled out a green jiewl, from her poket. "Dark Jupiter
Make Up!" lifting her hands into the air her fine cloths
melted from her skin. Slowly her 'Sailor fuku' apeared as
her body was emmerged into pitch blackness. The only light
was her skin that glittered in the dark as the Emerald and
deep Violet ribbons surowned her. Taking his que Shizumaru
also transformed.
"Dark Knight Saturn, Suit Up!" He also was emerged
in a pitch blackness, as his own cloths began to form into
his ancheint chinese worrriors out fit. The long billowy
back sleaves, and the deep violet tails flowed in the
masive wind. He reached out his hand to grab Neikanredi's,
she took hold of his, and they pulled each other into a
tight hug. When they seporated Neikanredi's glaiv and
Shizumaru's dubble sickle scyth apered into to the
repective owners hand. "DARK SATURN TELEPORT!!" the two
cried out. Ariving on Earth they were face to face with a
battle that almost seemed right.

"Take that back!" Jade screamed powering up.
"You are annoying! And you're the uglyest thing
I've ever seen walking this Earth!!" Akujo laughed,
powering up her self. The rest of the sailor senchi watched
in confustion. "Beatuty's Kiss!" Akujo called into the air.
"Dark whip!" Jade countered.

"What's going on?" Jikanchi asked her brother.
"I think they've both finally lost it." Setsuno
said with a little confution. Akujo's pink kisses pummaled
Jade into the ground. Jades whipe cracked mindlessly at the
flying kisses.
"I never thought I'd see the day where we didn't
have to beat our enemy." Neikanredi laughed quietly.
Herashino turned hearing the voice. Neikanredi smiled at
him and looked back at the two quarling idiots. Jade turned
also hearing her laugh.
"What are they doing!" She called to Akujo.
"Watching a free show, I supose." she answered.
"Thats it lets finish them off and then get back to
our fight once we're finished."
"Sounds like a plan to me." Akujo smiled. Both Jade
and Akujo smiled at the scouts and unleased their
respective atacks. Standing in frount of the scouts was an
unfamiliar face to Neikanredi. It was Honizen. Her long
golden hair flowed in the wind, she had a sad look to her
saphire eyes. As Akujo's kisses flew at her she just stood
there. Neikanredi watched as a familiar scean play through
her head.

' I can't do this any more Herashino! I'll never be
able to be strong enough!'

"No move!!" Neikanredi yelled as she tore forward
to Honizen. Crashing into Honizen she knocked her to the
grownd. Covering her body, Neikanredi took every shot to
her back. Every razor kiss cut through her flesh,
splattering her blood on Honizen's surprized face.
"Mirror Blade!" An angry Shizumaru yelled. Shineing
the reflection of the kisses onto Akujo from his syckle
blade. The kisses stoped atacking D.N.Jupiter and now
started to atack Akujo. As the razors cut into her, it
sliced off her shimmery blue hair. It now hung shoulder
length. Neikanredi fell uncounchous.

Neikanredi thrust her silence glave into Setsuno's
chest. Then she turned to look at Kaminora. "This is what
you want, I'm just doing it for you." She smiled wickedly
and dashed off twords Korriana and Jikonchi.
"Why are you doing this!" Kaminora screamed.
"Because deep down in your heart you wish you
could. You wish you could...."

"AHHHH!" Neikanredi flew forward in bed knocking
Shizumaru to the ground. She clutched the sheets to her
chest, and tryed to calm her breathing. Shizumaru grogaly
lifed him self off the floor. He crawled back up next to
her and took her in his arms.
"What's wrong?" He whispered softly in her ear.
"That dream, why is it back." then she noticed
where she was. "What happend to the others!" she struggled
agenst his grip but failed.
"shhh, it's ok. Their fine." Soothingly he strocked
her long black hair. "After you blacked out, we killed
Akujo, but Jade escaped. My main thought was getting you
home safely, please don't scare me like that again." He
held her close and tryed not to let his tears surface. He
had almost lost her. He would never give them that chance
again. No one would ever hurt her again.

Authers note:
I'm finally getting to the end. Will Neikanredi finally be
split from Kaminora, Will Honizen have the answer to the
problem. What will happen next time, i dont know so youll
have to wait and find out. till next time. Ja'ne Mina-san!
and thank you for reading my stories. And thank you to all
those people who have sent comments! Arigato! =^-#=
By: Kitty Maxwell