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2001-12-20 03:59:36 (UTC)

cry part V

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part V

Letting out a soft purr, Neikanredi rolled over to
stare into Shizumaru's bright violet eyes. Presing her body
closer to his, she kissed his forehead. Softly inhailing
his musky sent, she rapped his long hair around her
fingers. She let it's smooth strands glide across her skin.
"What are you thinking about, Nei-chan?" Shizumaru
whispered into her throut. Neikanredi smiled at the name he
called her.
"Well Shiru-kun, I'm thinking of you. And how I
Shino-kun is happy with his guest." She told him. Shizumaru
lifted his head to look at her.
"His guest?" He said raising an eye brow.
"Yes, his guest. After everyone had left I could
still feel the preasnts of Jikonchi. She seems to have
taken a likeing to my brother. I hope he is happy with her.
Like I am with you." She smiled at him. Shizumaru smiled
"We'll have to go and visit them often, you'll miss
him. Wont you." He said.
"Yes, but, I think we will all be okay once we
finally get rid of Jade. She is the whole cause of this."
Neikanredi's vioce became a little quieter. Felling her
body tense up Shizumaru began to run his fingers through
her long black hair. This act secseeded in calming her.
Once again her muscles loosend and she melted onto his bare
body. Sighing, Shizumaru whispered into her ebony main, "Ah
sti nu,
Nei-chan, Ah sti nu."

Sun light was begining to filter into the light
green room. Jikonchi slowly opend her eyes. Sitting up she
let the soft sheets fall from her body, revealing her black
night dress. In the corner of her eye she could see
movment. Quickly pulling the sheets up to her chest she
turned to see what was moving. She saw Herashino sitting in
the corner of the room, on a green arm chair. His head
bowed in slumber. Jikonchi could barly make out his
breathing pattern. His dark brown hair hanging over his
closed emerald eyes. Jikonchi got up out of the bed and
drapped the sheet over Herashino. She smiled softly to
herself, he looked like a child when he slept. A child that
never really knew childhood. Herashino had raised Kaminora
since befor they came to earth. Ever since he was twelve.
And now Kaminora is gone, he still has Neikanredi. But
who's knows where she is. And what she's doing.

Yawning Herashino opens his eyes to find an empty
room. Had what happend last night been a dream? If so where
was his sister. The strong smell of coffie filled the room.
Ah she was in the kitchen! How stupid of him. Herashino
jumped up and almost ran to the kitchen. When he got there,
he had exspected to see a tall braided brunett making him
brackfast. But instead he found a tall short haired
girl. "It wasn't a dream..." he whispered.
Hearing a familliar voice Jikonchi turned, and
smiled at him. "Good morning!" she chimmed. "I know I'm not
a master like Kaminora was, but I tryed." she added.
"I'm sure it'll be fine." Herashino told her with a
smile. Jikonchi motioned for him to sit. She placed a plate
of blueberry pancakes infront of him and two more across
from him. Seating herself at the opposite side of the table
she pulled a pancake onto her plate. "How did you know?"
Herashino said brakeing the silence.
"Know what?" She asked looking up from her plate.
"That this was my favorite?"
"Call it a wild guess." She said pointing to his
forhead. Herashino shifted a little in his seat. "Go on try
one." Jikonchi smiled at him. After some considration he
finaly cut a peice and placed into his mouth. Jikonchi
stared intently waiting for a comment. "Well." Herashino
swalowed the peice in his mouth and devouered the rest of
it. Satisfyed Jikonchi helped herself to the one she had on
her plate.
"It was delicious Jikonchi. Arigato." Herashino
said to her with a smile. Jikonchi returned the smile and
finished her brakefast.
Lifting herself from her seat, Jikonchi collected
the plates. "I'll get thoes." Herashino purcked up. He lept
from his seat and grabbed the dishes from her. Striding to
the sink he smiled contently to himself. Jikonchi fallowed
him and offered to rinse. Gladly accsepting her help, he
washed the dishes as she rinsed.

"She's escaped me once again! Damn that stupid
child!" Jade screamed in her corters . "Why must she be so
sneeky..." she whispered. "Akujo!!! Why haven't you found
her yet!!!" She screamed at her henchman. Akujo was
completly the oposite of her name. She stood a tall five
feet and ten inches. She had long shinny blue hair that
swayed at her waist, and her clear blue eyes sparkled with
a dull anger.
"No master Jade we have not located her. But my
team is getting closer as we speak." she told her supirior
with a slight hiss in her vioce.
"Good now hurry up!" Jade barked her.

"Shizumaru... wake up." Neikanredi whispered to her
sleeping love. Shizumaru cracked open his eye. She was
fully dressed, in a long, strapless, emerald gown. 'how
annoying' he thought.
"Now I have to undress you all over again." He
smirked at her. Neikanredi smiled and tore the covers off
the bed. Shizumaru shivered and took the hint. Slowly he
got out of bed, and dressed himself. Walking out into the
palace drawing room, he found Neikanredi sitting in a large
violet arm chair. She was reading one of the thicker
books. "How is it?" He asked her.
"Well Shiru-kun, I'm only half way through. But so
far my prince is much more hansome." She smiled, placeing
the book on her lap. Shizumaru held his hand out to her.
"Shall I show you around the palace. It's changed
since last you've been here." He asked as she placed her
gloved hand in his. She nodded politely and allowed him to
lead her. Every so offten he would intrduce her to a staff
member or a gaurd. When they had finally covered the
palace, Shizumaru lead her to the gardens. They sat next to
a tall willow tree, he had had one of the maids set out a
picinc lunch for them. Neikanredi sighed as she leaned
agenst Shizumaru.
"This feels so, right." She whispered.
Placing his hand under her chin Shizumaru raised
her lips to his. Taking in his savory taste, she melted
into his arms. He held her as tight as he could. How long
had he longed for her to come to him. Sailor Pluto had
prediced that he would fall in love with a emerald and
violet storm. He hadn't known what she ment then but he now
fully understood. Not only did she control the thunder,
lightning, and his heart. She also controled the storm when
she indalged her self. He laughed at the thought. She
definetly was a storm. He lifted his hand and ran his
fingers through her hair. It was so smooth. It was hard to
belive he had to wait eighteen long year for this. All
those lonely nights he'd spent. But not any more, never
again would he be lonely.

"Fire Sword!" R.K.Mars howled into the night. A
blase of fire erupted from the halt he held in his
hand. "On behalf of Mars, I'll make you pay!" Some shrill
laughter was directed at him.
"Your sooo, pathetic!" The voice
ckackled. "Andylion! Take care of them!" She screeched. A
tall yoma-monster with yellow and gold flowers formed into
a bikini and, lion's mane jumped out.
"Now I'll destroy you all!" It chimed, with a large
and cheery smile. Slowly it raised it's hand into the air
and cryed out, "Lucky!" Suddenly thousends of gold, acid
coins fell from the sky pumaling the five scouts. The Pluto
twins took position next to one anther, and called apon
their powers.
"Pluto! REPLAY!" They shouted in unicin twirling
their staves in a mirror image to each other. The coins
stoped falling from the sky and were being propelled at
Andylion. The tall yoma monster screamed in pain as it was
hit with it's own atack. Saticfied with their handi-work,
R.K.Pluto, and N.S.Pluto steped into two rediculas
poses. "Pluto pervailes all evil!" They chimed.
"I wouldn't be so sure of that Scouts." A calm
voice from behind them stated. As the scouts turned tword
the voice it spoke again. "From the darkness and into the
thunder I am Dark Neo Jupiter." Neikanredi steped into the
pale moon light. Her endless black hair flowing in the
wind, along with the green ribbons that made up half her
sailor uniform. She wore Black gloves that streched up over
her forarm, and black books that stopped just at her
thighs. Her short deep purple skirt stretched across her
fair skin. All together her out fit resembled that of the
Sailor Stars, just deep purple and matalic emerald green.
"Jupiter!" Herashino called out. Her looked at his
sister in disbelife. 'How could she have grown so much?' he
thought as he looked at the grown woman standing infrount
of him.
"Out of solitude and silence, I will will hush your
sarrows," Another voice spoke as a hand grasped D.N.
Jupiter's. "I am Dark Knight Satrun. And you, are in luck."
Also stepping into sight was Shizumaru. His royal violet
eyes shone through his shoke of black hair in the moon
light. Black billowy sleeves danced among the ribbons,
around his waist and the ones tieing his hair. Sliver from
his sicle bladed glave sparked with D.N.Jupiter's silence
"It's you!" N.S.Mercury screamed pointing at
Neikanredi. "You were the one who killed Nikkaro!" in an
angry rage she charged at Neikanredi, completly forgetting
the yoma-monster they were fighting.
"Big mistake Sailor shit's!" Andylion cryed out to
them. "Lucky!" then once again the acid coins began to
"Silence Wall!" D.N.Jupiter called, raising her
glave into the air. A fource field covered the
scouts. "R.K.Pluto here!" D.N.Jupiter puled a pack of tarot
cards out of her boot, then threw the pack of cards to him.
Catching them, they intasntly disapeared into his
staff. "CAll forth your darkness, Pluto." R.K.Pluto held
his staff out infrount of him. It began to shrink into his
hands. As his hands connected in a prayer position, he
twisted them faning out the tarot cards. Lifting one of the
cards out of the deck between his index and middle finger,
he called out,
"Pluto, Dark Tarot!" Throwing the dart like card at
Andylion it split her in half. Defeeting her in that shot.
Standing with amazment R.K.Pluto looked to his fellow
"How dare you!" It was N.S.Mercury again. "How dare
you show your face here again! And then to top it off you
give Setsuno the power of darkness! Who do you think you
are! And what did you do to Kaminora! Give her back!"
Korriana began running twoard Neikanredi again. Steping
infrount of Neikanredi just as Korriana reached her,
Shizumaru lifted the tip of his dubble bladed glave to her
"No one is to harm the queen of Satrun in any way."
He growled at the startled girl, with a blade gently
pressed to her throwt. Setsuno now had his staff pointed
directly at Shizumaru's head.
"And no one is to harm Korriana." He hissed.
Neikanredi placed a hand on Shizumaru's sholder which
indecated to him to lower his wepon. Slowly he lowered his
glave to the grownd, as he cept an eye on the histarical
girl. Stepping to one side he allowing Neikanredi to speak.
"Korriana, Kaminora will return. But for that to
happen we need me alive. I am sorry for killing Nikkaro. He
was my ally and we need all the help we can get right now."
Neikanredi appalijized. "I wish I could take it back, but I
cannot. I hope one day I will be able to atone for my sin."
Korriana kept her face turned twords the ground.
"Never..." She whispered. "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU
FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" she lashed out tword Neikanredi once
again. Seeing it Shizumaru put up a silence wall. Korriana
slamed into it and, flew backwrds. Setsuno promptly cought
Korriana befor she hit the grownd. Neikanredi's eye flashed
"Korriana?" Her hair began flickering from black to
brown. "Korriana, it's ok. I'll be fine." It was Kaminora.
She was braking through. "It's alright, as soon as we
defeet Jade I'll come back. But Please forgive
Neikanredi... she was only acting on my rage." Kaminora's
head was filled with the sweet music that seems to fallow
her when she needs it the most.
"Kaminora?!" Herashino whispered hoursely. Kaminora
turned to him.
"Please brother, forgive my dishoner. I have been
dishonerable to you and the others." She spoke. Herashino
raced forwards and hugged Kaminora.
"Baka..." he whispered. "of course i forgive you...
I'll always forgive you!" he cryed on her sholder.
Squeezing her brother one last time, she looked up at
"Take good care of him, I know you will." She
smiled. Then she collapsed into Shizumaru's arms. A content
smile tugging at her lips. Then lifting her up into his
arms, he began to walk away from the crowd.
"I hope you are all safe untill our next return."
He called back at them. And in a flash of purple light
they were gone. Herashino collasped to the grownd. and
began to rack with silent sobbs. Jikonchi ran to his side
and pulled him agenst her soft body. As he hugged her
tighter and sobed into her sholder, all she could do was
look to her brother, and smile weakly at Korriana.

Authers Note: Dark Knight Satrun isn't as
underprotective as he seems. I can't tell you how many
times I rewrote that ending. Any ways, For the record. In
our real RPG Korriana is sapose to brake through the
barrier that Shizumaru put up and dig her nails into
Neikanredi's left eye. Leaveing her with a scar. And in our
real RPG Shino-kun and Jikonchi arnt together. I just did
that for the sake of the story! I was asked to clarify that
for all of you! ^_# no da!
Ja'Ne till next time Mina-san!
By Kitty Maxwell.

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