Puzzling out my life
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2001-12-20 03:59:30 (UTC)

been a long day

This weekend, I had Scott over for dinner and to talk. We
came to the decision that we needed to end our situation.
Scott said that it has been driving him crazy and that he
can't go on this way. We needed to either be together or
just be friends. It tore me up inside, but I had to tell
him that it was over. Then a few hours later, I got
horribly sick and I began to throw up. Scott styaed up all
night taking care of me, and stayed the whole next day,
cleaning up my bathroom after I was sick in there, making
me soup, going to the store for flu medicine, etc. I felt
guilty about all of this, but I was glad he was there,
since I would never have been able to do it on my own. I
wanted him to stay again on Sunday night, since I wasn't
ready to be alone yet, but he said that if he stayed he
didn't think he'd be able to leave me. So he left and I
cried myself to sleep there on the couch.

One part of me just wants to tell you everything
One part just needs the quiet
And if I'm lonely here, I'm lonely here
And on the telephone, you offer reassurance
I will not take these things for granted

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