Jena's Rants
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2001-12-20 03:58:45 (UTC)

My words

lying here i am not as you may think
i am not humorous, i am not strong,
i am timid, i am weak
Here whispers are winds that can
blow me down
i haven't much hope if i can't
find safe ground
and how am i safe, when i am the danger
how can i listen to myself when i am
the stranger
can't make you my safety net
can't dare to let you see me yet
i can't let it go
i'm not in control
but i can't bear
anymore on this soul

tonight is not just any other night
tonight i am not just any other girl
this is not a time for chance
this is not someone else's world

this truth is pain and pain is love
and this is cruel and yes it's cold
but life isn't getting easier
and this story is getting old

i wish i could be more
a stronger version of me
but that isn't what was intended
what was will remain a mystery

i can't be safe, i can't find peace
i can't be here, i can't go on
i tried those words, i tried to sing
but this song was over before it was sung

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