Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
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2001-12-20 03:58:42 (UTC)

cry part IV

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part IV

"Let her go..." Nikkaro repeated. "How am I saposed
to do that?" He turned to face Herashino, who was looking
at the spot his mother stood. "Herashino?"
"How was that possible... she was just here."
Herashino whispered. Slowly he walked to his sister's
side. "She didn't get to see her." He sighed.

"Welcome home!!" Everyone shouted as Herashino lead
Kaminora through the front door of their apartment.
Kaminora smiled at all her friends. Then her gaze turned to
the tall boy standing next to Jikonchi. A slight frown
darkend her features.
"Baka yaro..." she muttered. Herashino looked up.
Then his eyes fell upon the son of Mars who seemed to be
possesivly hidding Setsuno. He woundered about the boy's
preferances sometimes. Herashino gave a short glare in the
direction and proseeded to help his sister. Walking her
over to the large arm chair he left her in the care of
Nikkaro. Turning around, he fixed Jikonchi with a silent
'What's he doing here!' He thought to her.
'It was all Setsuno's falt! He told him to come.'
She thought back. 'And don't be giving me that look
Herashino.' She glared back. Herashion gave her a small
smile and turned back to his sister. She was sitting in a
circle of friends. He'd never seen her happier.
"They all pitched in, and got you something
Kaminora." Came a voice from behind her. Kaminora turned
around and screamed.
"Shizumaru!!!!" She almost jumped out of her seat
when she saw him. Exstanding a hand, Herashino help her up.
Kaminora practicly lept into Shizumaru's arms. "I can't
belive your here!!"
"It's been five years Kami-chan! I've missed your
smile!" He whispered to her. Shizumaru was a tall thin boy
with a well toned body. His bright violet eyes shone
through the shock of black hair that covered them. He had a
thin ponytail, tied with three dark blue cloth ribbons.
Kaminora steped back to take a look at him. As usual he was
wearing a navy blue shirt with black jeans. And to accsent
the outfit, he wore a long black trench coat. Then she felt
a small tug on her own coat. She turned around to see a
confused Nikkaro.
"Shizumaru, this is Nikkaro." She said with a
smile. Suddenly she burst into laughter.
"What's so funny?"The two boy's asked in unicun.
"Look what your wearing!" She laughed pointing to
them. The two boy's survaied each other then began to laugh
as well. Nikkaro was wearing the exsact same out fit exsept
his coat had gold lining on the cuffs, and Shizumaru's had
silver. "I think you two will become good friends!" She
smiled at them.
"I thought you might like to see him, so I gave him
a call." Herashino said walking up behind her.
"How did you get his number?" Kminora asked.
"He had me go through your phone book!" Jikonchi
chimed. "He said it was better that I did it." Herashino
turned a slight shade of pink.
"How long will you be staying?" Kaminora asked him
turning away from Nikkaro.
"Well I've been here for about two weeks, I'm
staying for about a month more." Shizumaru answered.
"He'll be staying with us." Herashino said. Every
one turned to stare at the display, that was Herashino
allowing another MAN, to stay in the same house as
Kaminora. "What!" He scowled at them. In a crous of
laughter they all lead themselves back to living room and
began their welcome home party. Around ten o'clock,
Shizumaru pulled Kaminora aside for a little chat.
"What did you want to talk about?" Kaminora asked
with a smile.
"Well I just needed to talk, it's been forever
since I've seen you Kami-chan. I just want to get cought
up." He smiled. Shizumaru looked up at the night sky. "I
remember when you used to sneek out of the house and drag
me to the park just to watch the sky for shooting stars."
Shizumaru said looking at the stars. Kaminora sighed and
looked up as well.
"I wish that you had never moved away in the first
place." Kaminora wispered. "Those were the days..." Then
she suddenly heard the sad music once again. The low notes
holding for long sad mesures. Kaminora looked around. "Do
you hear that?"
"Hear what.." Shizumaru asked, feeling confused.
"That music, the flute. Don't you hear it?" She
"No.. Kami-chan, I don't hear anything."
"Maybe I'm just feeling alittle, naustalgic." She

"Who dose that guy think he is..." Nikkaro growled
under his breath.
"What are you staring at Nikkaro?" Korriana asked.
Nikkaro jumped.
"Nothin'." he sighed. Turning away from the
"They haven't seen each other in five years
"That dosen't mean he has to hang all over her like
that. I mean he hasn't left her side all eavning. He hasn't
even stopped to talk to any of us... he's after some thing
and it's not punch!" He snarled.
"Is this jellousy I detect!" Korriana giggled.
"Better damn belive it!" He almost shouted.
'Nikkaro, remember what your mother told you.' A
voice in his head said, 'You might have to let her go
forever.' Nikkaro let his face fall.
"Korriana I have to get some air, I'll talk to you
later." Nikkaro said walking away. Nikkaro left the
apartment and walked out side. As he steped out onto the
street he looked up at the old friends on the balcony.
Nikkaro was just about to keep walking when he heard
Kaminora shreek in pain.
"NIKKARO!!!!" She screamed. Nikkaro took off as
fast as he could. Jupming up the stairs. As he crashed into
the apartment, he saw Kaminora on her knees, clutching her
head. "Nikkaro help me!" She screamed again. A dark ora
started to sarrownd her, it flickered from black to emerald
for a moment. Then it settaled around her blacking her
featurs. Her screaming subsided and her body began to
change. Her brown hair releast it self from it's braid and
turned jet black. Her once livly green eyes turned coal
black, and her short green dress turned a dark shade of
royal purple and grew down past her ankles.
"Kaminora hold on!" Nikkaro screamed pushing past
Shizumaru. He collasped next to her and held her tight.
Vowing never to let her go. Nikkaro closed his hand around
hers, but she began to scream in pain. Her hand began to
smoke as if it were burning. Harshly she pushed him away
with an angry roar.
"Don't touch me fool!" Her voice became dark and
full of rath.
"Kamiora..." Nikkaro yelled.
"I am no longer Kaminora! I am now, Neikanredi! And
you are no longer desired!" She yelled raising a hand to
his chest. "Black Thunder!" Nikkaro's body was engulfed by
black thunder. His screams of pain ecchoed through the
apartment building. Neikanredi turned her coal black eyes
to Herashino. "Don't look at me like that brother, you
never liked him to begin with. And you," She turned twords
Shizumaru. "Thank you for returning to me." She closed the
distance between them and pulled him into a kiss. The two
figurs were sarrownded by the black lightning. When
Neikanredi pulled away from Shizumaru a symbol began to
glow on his forhead. It was the sign of Saturn.
"Saturn!" everyone gasped. Shizumaru turned to
everyone and smiled.
"I guess my secret is out. So now I will be taking
my princess of darkness and leaveing." Lifting her off of
the ground Shizumaru began to glow, then in a blinding
flash purple of light they vanished.
"Oh my god!" Korriana screamed. Everyone turned to
face her. She fell to the floor and began to sobb
uncontrolably. Setsuno rushed to her after finally pushing
Henetso of the way. Falling to her side he placed a hand on
Nikkaro's neck looking for a pulse. Sadness dripped over
his bright features.
"He's dead." Setsuno sighed. A spark of the black
lightning shined over Nikkaro's lifeless body. Jikonchi
fell to her knees.
"Why would she do this." Jikonchi whispered to the
"I know..." Herashino's voice came. Everyone turned
to face him. "I know why she did it." he sighed.
"What do you mean!" Korriana screamed between
sobbs. "You knew this would happen!" she scrmbled to her
feet and ran to Herashino, ranning into his chest and began
to pound it with her small fists. Setsuno fallowed her and
pulled her into his arms.
"Shh..." he whispered. He looked up to Herashino
and motioned that he should tell them. Herashino took a
deep breath and told them of the day that the spirits of
Sailor Jupiter, Venus and Saturn came to them. He told them
every thing they told him and Nikkaro. Then he told them of
a conversation he over heard Kaminora haveing with Nikkaro.

"What do you mean?" Kaminora asked with a confused
"I need to be free again. I don't want to be tied
down any more Kaminora." Nikkaro whispered face turned to
the floor.
"I see..." she wispered.
"What we HAD was special Kaminora... but I just
don't feel as strongly twords you as you do for me."
Nikkaro told her sturnly.
"But I thought you loved me!" She said letting a
few silent tears fall to the ground.
"I like you... I just don't LOVE you." He told her.
"Well... if thats how you feel... your free. I hope
you find happyness Nikkaro." Kaminora said with her
brightest smile. "Your free."

"How could he say that..." Jikonchi whispered. "But
she had no reason to react like this!"
"Who is this Neikanredi," Setsuno asked.
"Neikanredi is a part of her... three quorters of
her blood is the blood of Jupiter, and a quorter of the
blood is the blood of Saturn." Herashino sighed.
"A quorter of her blood is from Saturn!" Setsuno
"Yes..." Herashino gave another sigh and told them
about the time he and his sister were practicing and they
had to rush to Saturn for help.
"Thats why she posseses the power of Saturn as well
as Jupiter." Herashino told them.
"Oh my god..." Korriana said into Setsuno's
chest. "I just thought it was because she trained there..."
she whispered removing her face from Setsuno. "We have to
find her!"
"We can't go to where she is." Herashino told
her. "Only people with the blood of Saturn can go there."
"We have to try! You can't give up on her
Herashino!" Korriana screamed. "She's all you have left!"
"You don't think I don't know that! You don't think
I would give my left eye to go to her! But I can't! And
niether can you!" Herashino roared. Henetso moved infrount
of Setsuno and Korriana, once again as if to protect them.
He silently shook his head at Herashino. Enraged at this
act Herashino pulled out a small green flute and began to
play a few notes. No one heard the noise exsept the person
it was ment for. Henetso began to scream in pain, clutched
his ears and collapsed to the grownd.
"Herashino stop it! You'll kill him!" Jikonchi
"It's a shame... I cannot." Herashino said lifting
his face. Placeing the flute back into his poket he turned
and walked onto the balcony. "When am I sappose to start
worrying mother..." he whispered. "This wasn't saposse to
happen..." Herashino lowered his head and began to quietly
sobb. "When can I return to Jupiter..."
"When she comes back..." a voice whispered to him.
Herashino whipped up his head. Floating infront of him was
Minako, Makato, Nikkaro... and Kaminora.
"Kaminora!" Herashino gasped. "How...?"
"Neikanredi, took over. I'm going to be fine
Herashino. I'm here, with mother, father, and Nikkaro. But
I will return to you." Kaminora moved forward. "You have
her, and I'll come back Shino-kun... I'll come back."
"But! Why! Why did you all leave me here alone!"
Herashino screamed. But when he opend his eyes they were
gone. Clenching his fists Herashino entered the apartment
once again. Setsuno had finaly managed to calm Korriana,
and Henetso once again looked as if his head was on fire.
Jikonchi slowly walked over to Herashino and
placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm alone untill we meet
again." he sighed.
'I'll stay...' Jikonchi thought, her eyes sofening.
Herashino looked up at her with a suprised look on his
face. But it turned into a soft smile as he looked into her
"Arigato." He whispered.
"What are we going to do about Nikkaro?" Setsuno
asked the room. But as the words left his mouth Nikkaro's
body emitted a blinding light. Instinktivly everyone raised
a hand to sheild their eyes. After the light had finally
faded away Nikkaro's body was gone. Exsept one of his
golden arrows. It sat on the floor and glowed as if it were
calling to them. The five of them formed a circle around
the arrow and watched as it floted into the air and landed
on Korriana's lap.
"I guess you should keep it." Henetso commented.
Everyone turned to face him with a look that just
screamed "You dare brack the silence for that!" Henetso
backed away from the group with a small laugh and sat by
himself in a corner.
After a few more minuets of sitting in silence they
all desided that it was time to leave. Setsuno drapped his
jacket around Korriana's shoulders and motioned for
Jikonchi to fallow. Moddestly Jikonchi shook her head, and
told him she would be staying with Herashino. For a moment
her brother looked confused but then he smiled and lead
Korriana to the door. Finally after everyone bid Herashino
their good bye's and a good night, Jikonchi seated herself
next to Herashino.

But far off in a distant place we find two dark
scouts enjoying each others company...

Auther's note: For the record I have resently broken up
with the boy who was my one and only aka Nikkaro. This is
the only safe way of taking out my frustrations on him with
out sending him into intensive care! And Henetso aka Baka
Yaro, is the son of Mars as we've all heard. I have a
personal grudge agenst this charictor, and Kaminora will no
longer be part of the cast! SHe will be replaced with her
darker half Neikanredi. Which roughly translated
means "Wicked one", and her new partner is my dream come
true, roughly translated Shizumaru means "To silence".
Which is perfect for the son of Saturn! Untill next story!
Ja'ne mina-san!
By: Kitty Maxwell

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