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Sea of Ice
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2001-12-20 03:58:07 (UTC)

cry part III

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part III

(Death must die!) (No, leave me alone!) (Death must
return and rule her world of pain and destrucktion) "Leave
me alone!" Kaminora screamed out loud. Everyone in the room
steped back, exsept for Herashino.
"Kaminora, it's okay. It's only us." Herashino told
her with a calming voice. Kaminora looked around her, she
saw the faces of Jiconchi, Setsuno, Koriana, and of cousre
Herashino. But that was all. She sat strait up. Herashino
gently pushed her back down. "Stay down... your in the
hospital, you had a few broken bones. I think you'll be in
here for a while." He said with a calm voice.
"Where is he?" Kaminoar asked.
"Who?" Herashino said raising an eye brow.
"Nikkaro." She answered. Herashino's face hardened
at the very sound of his name.
"He's not here. He wouldn't come." Herashino
informed her. Hurt, Kaminora looked to the others. They all
shook their heads.
"Why..." Kaminora whispered, tears welling up in
her eyes.
"Forget out about him Kaminora! He dosn't desurve
you! You should have so much better!" Herashino cammanded.
"Get out..." she whispered.
"What?" Herashino gasped.
"Get Out! Herashino!" she said louder, "I want to
be left alone."
"Alright then. I'll be back to check on you later."
Herashino, promised her.
"No, Herashino. You don't need to come back, I can
take care of my self. I don't need anyone or anything." She
told him. A blackend look glazed over her eyes. Herashino
opened his mouth to protest, but he stopped feeling
Jiconchi place a hand on his shoulder.
"Let's go, she needs some rest. She's had a long
two days." Jiconchi said softly. With a little trobble
Kaminora rolled onto her side and waited for everyone to
leave. Once she was sure they had all left she informed the
nurses station,
"I am not to be disturbed for any thing. Not even

"Why don't you just go and see her. She wont see
anyone but you." Jiconchi told a quiet Nikkaro.
"She dosen't want to see me. If she wanted to see
me, she woudn't have said thoses things, she wouldn't have
pushed me away!" Nikkaro complained. Jiconchi shook her
"Why are you doing this?! You know it's killing
you! And it's killing her. She wont eat, Nikkaro. She wont
see Herashino, her own brother, he's all the family she has
left. She used her powers to magneticly lock the doors! No
one can get in. And she's still having her dreams, she
screams for you at night!" Jiconchi cryed, Nikkaro stayed
silent, just staring out his window. "I didn't want to
belive it then, but I belive it now! Herashino was right!
You don't desurve her! She could have so much better!"
Jiconchi screamed storming away. Nikkaro flinched as she
slammed the door. Droping his face into his hands, he
quietly sobbed.
Kaminora woke up to the soft sound of a flute being
played. "Herashino?" she asked hoursely. Then she lissoned
closer to the melody. That wasn't Herashino's song. She
wasn't sure but it sounded vaguely familiar. Where had she
heard it befor? Weakly she sat up and looked around her
room. Seated in the shadowy corner was a person she'd never
seen befor. And because of the dim darkness she still
couldn't see their features. But the soft music seemed to
calm her and make her feel alittle better. Then the music
suddenly stopped and the shadowy figure stood up and

"I should go to see her. After all, she's been
through so much." Makeing up his mind, Nikkaro got up and
left for the hospital, to see Kaminora. As he arived, he
stopped at the gift shop and bought her some violets. She
positivaly loved violets. Walking down the huge hall he
stopped, spying Herashino. He had tears in his eyes.
Nikkaro stopped breathing. 'Oh no...' he thought. He lept
the distance between Herashino and himself. "What happed!
Is she all right!?" Nikkaro screamed shaking him.

"It's been three days and she wont let anyone in.
She wont eat! You would have known if you had come! None of
this would have even happened if you had just come the day
I had asked you! She wouldn't be dieing if you had just
come!" Herashino's anger making it's self known as his
voice raged. Herashino jumped up, but only fell onto
Nikkaro. "Please, just see her, tell her what you feel...
please Nikkaro, I'm asking you. Do it for her, not me."
aparently Herashino hadn't been eating either. Nikkaro
helped him to his seat and ran to Kaminora's room.
He put his hand on the door nobb, then quickly
pulled it back as the magnetic lock shocked him. "How do I
get in..?" He thought.
(imagin the darkness in love with the light...) Nikkaro
remembered Kaminora telling him that four days ago. "The
light..." he whispered. Placeing his hands on the wooden
door Nikkaro concentrated all is power on the light inside
him. Soon his body was encased with a golden light, and
slowly he began to walk through the door.

Entering the dark room he gasped seeing Kaminora's
face. It was pail and lifless. "Kaminora!" Nikkaro half
screamed racing over to her side. Lightly brushing his
nuckles over her cheek he whipered, "Wake up Kaminora, I'm
here. And I'll never leave you again... I promise." With
his other hand he retrived Kaminora's and brought it to his
lips. He lightly kissed it, then pressed it to his
cheek, "please wake up..."
"Nik... Nikkaro..." Kaminora whispered.
"I'm here Kaminora... I'm so sorry!" He cryed on
her shoulder.
"No Nikkaro, I should be the one appoligazing... I
pushed you away..." she whispered.
"Shh... don't talk. Your weak right now, let me
help you Kaminora, let me bring the light back to you..."
Nikkaro said placing his hand on her forhead. She was so
cold, it was like touching ice. Kaminora could just barly
feel the heat comming from his hand. Bowing his head
Nikkaro thought, "How could I let her get this way? How can
I have been so heartless?" lifting his other hand up he
placed it on her cheek.
"Nikkaro..." Kaminora whispered.
"Humm?" Nikkaro questioned, looking up at her.
"I'm hungry... would you tell Shino-kun to join us
for dinner!" She said with the brightest smile she could
produce at the moment. Nikkaro smiled and did as she

Entering the room Jiconchi looked over at her
brother, "What's wrong?" she asked him. Setsuno turned his
face up tword her.
"I was just hopping that Nikkaro went to her. I
don't think she could last much longer, with out him." He
answered. "But I just have a bad feeling about all of this.
I mean you saw her dream. And I'm sure she has more of
them, maybe even worse, I just have a bad feeling."
"Well, I know for a fact that he went to see her!"
Jiconchi smiled, "I just got a call from Herashino. He said
she was doing much better, and all three of them were going
to have dinner. I'm sure she'll be just fine now."
"I just hope your right..."

"So I guess... I owe you an apollagy," Herashino
said as he pulled the cover over his sister, "I guess it
wasn't your fault." He finished turning twaord him. "I
guess it's just because she's all I have left."
"I can understand, and I'm just sorry that I didn't
come the first time. She wouldn't have starved her self."
Nikkaro sighed as he watched her sleep. Soon Herashino sat
down beside him, and placed a hand on his shoulder.
"Did she ever tell you why she has the soul
raising?" He said softly.
"No... she never did." Nikkaor answered looking at
"When we were childeren, we used to practice our
martial arts together. We still do but now she is at a much
higher levle, almost the equivalint to me. I had gotten
angry at her for being so weak and not being able to even
cause me to flinch. She had given up on trying to pleaes
me. I called for her to come back and face me but she never
did. I threw a thunder strike at her, but she didn't hear
my call. It hit her right in the back. When she fell to the
ground I just watched her, thinking she was just playing.
But when i saw her blood start to seep out around her I
panicked. Our parents were away for a peace confreance. So
I took her to Saturn. It was the nearest planet. And I
didn't know anyone of royal family that was still on Earth.
When we got to Saturn they took her to the palace. By some
strange glitch in my geans I couldn't give her my blood.
She was type O, but mine had particals of A type. We still
don't know how it happend. But Hotaru, gave her blood. The
brave Sailor Saturn. She was Kaminora's sensai and she was
her greatest protect her. But when they tansphered the
blood, Hotaru had a dark preasents in it. I mean it wasn't
dark, it was the blood of Saturn. The bringer of silence,
stength, destrucktion, and rebirth. But Sailor Saturn was
the only scout who was able to take life from others. And
the mixture of the blood of Saturn and the blood of Jupiter
had a strnage effect. It gave her the power to controll
darkness. Her power is worse than causing death... it
leaves the host souless, and empty. But they still live
on." Herashino looked to his sister. "And it's all my
fault." Herashino put his face into his hands.
"It's not your fault Herashino." A quiet voice
said. Slowly reconizing the voice Herashino turned around.
Standing behind the two boys were three gostly shapes. To
the left of him standing behind Nikkaro was Sailor Venus.
Nikkaro gasped as he stared into his mother's eyes. His
gaze now fell upon Sailor Saturn. As his eyes moved to his
right he stood up at the sight of his own mother.
"Mother?" Herashino whispered in disbelife. Nikkaro
could only stare. "Mother how..."
"Shhh. You'll wake your sister dear." The shadow of
Makoto held out a hand and placed it on his cheek. "We are
here to give you a message."
"Herashino you must let her make her own desitions.
I know you love her and want to protect her. But in the
next few weeks she will be going through a hard time. She
wil be bataling her self." Hotaru told him. "She isn't
responding to the light in her, she's consentrating on her
darker energy."
"It's all my fault..." Herashino whispered.
"No. It was not your fault. It wasn't hers either.
She just made the wrong desition..." Hotaru corrected.
"What do you mean?" He asked
"She will tell you soon Herashino, it is not my
place to tell you." Hotaru sighed. Herashino looked back to
his sister. What was Hotaru saying? Next Minako spoke.
"Son, you must let her go." She said softly.
"What?!" Nikkaro looked shocked that his own mother
just told him to leave the girl that starved herself
because he was angry at her. "What are you saying?!"
keeping his voice quiet.
"When the time comes, she will run from you. Do not
fallow Her, fallow her heart." She said more
endearingly. "She is going to try to push away all of those
who bring her happyness. She is fighting a batle with in
her self. She will need you. But... she will change. If you
trully love her, you will let her go, but you will still
fight for her life."
"What do you mean! Mother, please tell what will
happen to her!" Nikkaro pleaded.
"We can not tell you Nikkaro. But I trust you. She
trusts you, and hopfully soon, my son will learn to trust
you." Makoto said to him. She looked to Herashino. "You
must learn to trust people, not all of them are out to
destroy the world." She smiled at him.
"We must go." Hotaru said. Makoto pulled her son in
for a hug as did Minako. Then they switched. Makoto held
Nikkaro tight. "I trust you with her life. Every thing will
turn out to be ok in the end. You'll see. And I'm verry
proud of you two." She let go of Nikkaro and walked to
Kaminora. Brushing the brown hair away from her eyes. She
leaned over and kissed her forhead. "You have so much of
your father in you Herashino." She said to the room. "Just
as over protective as he was." she smiled and returned to
the others.
"We're counting on you two. Watch over her." Hotaru
said. "Good bye." The three said befor fading away.

Auther's note: For all of you who don't know, Minako is the
Japanes name for Sailor Venus. And Makoto is the Japanes
name for Sailor Jupiter. You might know them as Mina(S.V.)
and Lita(S.J.)
By: Kitty Maxwell