Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
2001-12-20 03:57:32 (UTC)

cry part II

"Just let it out, and cry..." Part II

After about at least an hour of crying, Kaminora
finally fell asleep in Nikkaro's warm arms. Nikkaro lissend
to her steady breathing. He could feel her chest rise and
fall with each breath, applying preasure on his own. "What
had caused her to dream what she did?" Nikkaro
thought, "Could Kaminora really be the killer she drempt
about..." Slowly, the sun began to rise, and just as slowly
Nikkaro drifted off to sleep, with Kaminora safely tucked
into his arms. But what he didn't know was he was about to
find the anwser to his question... sooner, than he thought.

"Wake up sleepy head!" Kaminora chimed, leaning
over to kiss his nose. "I made breakfast while you were
asleep. I made enough to feed Shino-kun for about an hour!
I wasn't quite sure if you have his appatite but I made
alot just in case!" She smiled down on him, then bounced
off twords the kitchen. "Oh!" she said sticking her head
back into his room, "I've started a bath for you... so
hurry up befor it gets cold!" She giggled.
"Are you okay?" Nikkaro called after her, with a
worried exspretion. He quickly pulled him self off the
floor, and walked after her. Stepping into the kitchen he
noticed her staring blankly out the window. A single tear
rolling down her cheek. He slowly walked over to her and
wipped away the lone tear. Turning her face up to his,
Kaminora flashed a weak smile and pushed him twords the
After she was sure that Nikkaro had shut the door
she collasped to the floor, and sobbed. "Why is it so hard
to live a normal life? Why must my life be so... get a grip
Kaminora! You're here with the most perfect guy you know!
So stop feeling sorry for your self! Your stronger then
that!" Kaminora screamed to her self.
After Nikkaro emerged from the bath, towle drying
his shoulder lenghth green tinted hair, he walked in to his
room to see it completly clean. Throwing the towle to the
floor he walked in to the kitchen. Kaminora was washing
every dish he owned. "How you could live in a mess like
this is beyond me." she annoced as he walked closer to her.
"I don't know I just can." Nikkaro replyed rapping
his arms around her waist. He burryed his face in her long
braid of hair. "So what are you going to do today?" He
"Well I probobly have to go home and clean up after
Shino-kun." Just the mention of his name gave Nikkaro a
chill. He remembered what hnappend last time he was around
Kaminora with her brother. Herashino had defanity made it
clear that if he ever found so much as a scratch on his
sister he would personaly return the favor ten fold. "But
I would much rather be here with you..." Kaminora said
placing the last dish down and turning in his arms.
"Why would you want to do that?" Nikkaro joked. She
stood on her tip toes and placed a light kiss on his
nose. "Well I guess thats why." Nikkaro lower his lips to
hers. As soon as they had touched, Kaminora was pulled
away. "What..." Nikkaro said looking up to find a verry
angry pair of red eyes staring him down. He flinched back,
what was it? His eyes finally focused on the creature
holding Kaminora. "A yoma moanster!" Nikkaro screamed. He
lunged forward and was hit in the face by a woman's hand.
He shook his head, what was going on?
"Hold it lover boy!" the woman shriked. "I'm taking
her with me! She owes me!" Nikkaro stared at her.
"I know all about you! All of you! So your no match
for me now!" She kackled. Nikkaro covered his ears from the
high pitched noise. Oh, the pain it caused. Jade motioned
for the yoma monster to take Kaminora away. As it jumped
out the window Nikkaro lepted after her. Seeing this Jade
sent a table to block his way. He crashed into it with a
loud slam. Falling to the floor, he could hear Jade's
laughter, befor he blacked out.

"Wha... what happened?" Nikkaro said shaking his
head. "Ah, that hurts... Oh my god!" Nikkaro got up and run
around his apartment. "Kaminora! No!" As quickly as he
could he started taring apart his bed room trying to find
his comunicator. "Damn you Kaminora... why'd you have to go
and clean my room!" He whispered to him self. Then he
stopped, spying it on his desk. He gave a small curse, and
grabed it. He then looked between the button for Setsuno,
and the button for Herashino. Swallowing his fear he pushed
the one to contact Herashino. Herashino answered it almost
"Kino here." Herashino barked. Nikkaro took his
time to catch the breath, that got stuck in his chest.
"Herashion, it's about Kaminora! We were atacked by
Jade and a yoma monster. She said she knew about us, and
that Kaminora owed her some thing! They knocked me out and
got away..." Nikkaro exsplained. Herashino was quiet, to
quiet. "Herashino-kun?"
"Where did they go Nikkaro?" Herashino hissed.
"I don't know! They knocked me out!" He hissed
back. ' I should have called Setsuno.' he thought.
"Call him! We'll meet at Koriana's as usual. I'll
deal with you later!" Herashino barked befor braking the
connection. How could he have known what Nikkaro was
thinking? But Nikkaro pushed the thought aside and did as
he was instruckted.
Fifteen minuets later they were all sitting around
Koriana's coffy table trying to contain Herashino, and
"It wasn't my fault!"
"You could have protected her!" Herashino yelled
"I was unconcus!" Nikkaro hissed.
"That's no excuse!" Herashino hissed back.
"That's enough you two! There's no way Nikkaro
could have known that they would atack her in his apartment
in the middle of the morning, Herashino! And he's just
trying to be a good brother, Nikkaro!" Jiconchi said in a
hushed tone.
"Stay out of this!" The two boy's yell back at her.
"Well fine!" She huffed back.
"Come on you two, if you keep fighting like this
we'll never find Kaminora!" Setsuno pleaded with them.
Finally the two boys stoped their bickering and turned to
face the rest of the group.(phone rings in back round, you
also hear a woman with a really heavy Japanies acsent
say 'muchi muchi, ah ha, sure i tell her, goo bye!)
"Koriana! Your litlle friend Jade call. She say she
want her sailor super special thingy or she kill
Kaminora... such funny friend you have!" Koriana's grand
mother told her. Nikkaro and Herashino's jaws drop to the
ground. "Oh yea she say to meet her at tea house, six o'
clock." Setsuno looked up at the clock. It read five-
"We need to hurry we'll be late."

"I'll never tell you where the sailor crystal is!
Nothing you do will make me tell!" Kaminora spat at Jade.
"Kaminora you're being very unlady like. Besides I
know what you dream... it's true Kaminora, you are a
killer!" Jade laughed at her. Kaminora, enraged by the by
the comment raced twords Jade fist exstended. Only to slam
into an invisible wall standing between her and Jade.
"Damn you! Stay the hell out of my dreams!" She
cursed. "Jupiter... Crystal... Star... Power, Make Up!"
Kaminora roared. She couldn't take it any more, she was
going to blast her way out of here. As soon as the
lightning cleared she did just as she wanted to do. "Static
EE!" a burst of lightning crashed through the wall allowing
her to escape. But when she got outside, she saw the rest
of the group ariving there, transformed and ready to fight.
Nikkaro and Herashino leading the pack! Standing behind
Kaminora were two Yoma monsters. Ranger Knight Venus took
aim with his crossbowe and fired at the one on the right.
Hitting it square in the throwt in collasped next to her.
She took off running and Ranger Knight Jupiter grabbed her
and pulled her into his arms. He gave her a tight hug, then
he held her at arms lenghth to take a good look at her.
"Are you ok?" He asked.
"I'm fine..."She replyed.
"R.K.Jupiter, look out!" Neo Sailor Pluto yelled at
the siblings. R.K.Jupiter Raised his head to find the other
yoma monster charging at them. He pushed Neo Sailor Jupiter
into R.K.Venus' arms. Then he started charging up his
thunder gauntlets.
"Thunder Strike!" R.K.Jupiter yelled sending an
electrical storm at the monster! The monster held up a
mirror, and the thunder reflected and hit
R.K.Jupiter! "Ahhhhhh!" he screamed slamming to the ground.
"Shino-kun!" N.S.Jupiter yelled out to her brother,
pushing her way out of R.K.Venus' arm's. She fell at his
side. "Shino -kun! Wake up! Don't leave me!" She cryed.
"You'll pay for that!" R.K.Pluto yelled "Reply!" he
whispered. Nothing happend. He looked to his sister,
N.S.Pluto was frozen in her steps as she watched a screan
on the side of the tea house. The screan displayed
Kaminora's dream from the night befor. N.S.Mercury screamed
as she watch Kaminora kill Setsuno. N.S.Jupiter looked up
as she heard a familiar scream.
"NOOOOOO!" she cryed out, "Not that!"
"Then give me your sailor crystal!" Jade laughed
back at her.
"NEVER!!" She screamed back. Charging at
Jade! "Stop that dream now!" But befor she made it to Jade
another yoma monster jumped up, and grabbed her right out
of the air. Landing on the ground, he began to sqeezed her.
Kaminora started to scream in pain, as all her bones began
to scrape to gether.
"Stop it!" R.K.Venus called out noticing what was
being displayed. Herashino wakes up in time to see his part
of the dream.
"I can't belive it..." He whisper's. 'You dishoner
me Kaminora! You are weak!' repeted it's self over and over
in his head. "I'm sorry."
The other Yoma monster had captured the staffs that
belonged to the Pluto twins. Their power of time controll
taken with them. But all they could do was watch Kaminora
and all the carnage she had dreamed of. Nikkaro watched
with tears in his eyes. This was what she suffered through
last night.
"This was what I couldn't wake her up from!" he
cryed. Then he watched as she killed him. How she had tryed
to warn him! Then how she killed him.
"STOP IT!!!!!" N.S.Jupiter screamed at the top of
her lungs. Kaminora freed an arm, from the monster's death
grip. She then broke the metal lighting rod off her teara,
and slamed it into the yoma monster's skull. The monster
roared in pain dropping N.S.Jupiter. Then once again she
heard the sad music flow through the air. Time seemed to
slow as she fell from the monsters arms. And in the very
corner of her eye, she saw a tall shadow. But when she
looked again it was gone and the soft music had also
disapeared. She bounced back a little and summoned the
Silence Glaive. Lifting it high into the air she called to
her captive souls! "By the strangth of Jupiter, and by the
silence of Saturn, come to me my minions!" A shadowy ribbon
of smoke incircaled her as thousends of shadow demonds
danced around her. Nikkaro looked up in horror.
"No Kaminora! Don't do it!" He screamed as he
watched the sweet girl he loved become engulfed in
darkness. "You're not a killer!!" Kaminora turned to face
him, an evil girn pressed to her lips. She let out a crewl
"Ha! How you say that!?" She laughed harshly at
him. "Look at me Nikkaro! How could you possibly love me,
when I look like this?!" her voice was deep with crulty and
anger, "Imagin Nikkaro. The darkness in love with the
light!" A single tear ran down her cheek.
"No Kaminora! Don't do it! Don't push me away!"
Nikkaro screamed back, betrayal lighting up his features.
Kaminora whipped back to face the Yoma monster, the tear
flying from her face.
"This is my destiny!" She laughed, crulty dripping
from her words like the blood that dirpped from her
dreams. "Sooouulll... Raising!" She screamed, thrusting her
glaive into the air!
A bolt of lightning struck the blade and travled
down into her body. An electrical strom raged from her
tense body, her laughter over powering the rumbling. The
lightning crashed tword the screaming monster. Connecting
to the rod, it formed a giant hand and entered it's body
through it's mouth. After a min., the lightning emerged
from the monster holding a glowing ball of red light. The
Yoma monster's eyes blackend as it's body fell limp to the
The lightning returned to Kaminora's body,
depositing the monster's soul into the jeiwl on her teara.
Turning red the jeiwl fell from the teara, and was replaced
with another green one.
Picking up the jeiwl, she walked slowly twords the
souless creature. And with a saticfyed smile she retrived
the gold lightning rod and returned it to her teara.
Turning back to the group, she smiled at them, flipping the
jeiwl in her gloved hand. "Mission complete..." she
informed them with evilness twisting in her eyes. Then with
a sigh she collapsed to the grownd. Nikkaro raced twords
her, to hear Jade kackle something befor disapearing.
"Death... must.... die!"

Authers note: I used R.K. & N.S. as abreviations for Ranger
Knight and Neo Sailor. I just wanted to clarify that for
you all just in case you were all confused.
By: Kitty Maxwell!

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