Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
2001-12-20 03:57:01 (UTC)

cry part I

"Just let it out, and cry..."

Nikkaro is awakened as Kaminora begins to thrash
about in her sleep. "Kaminora... wake up!" Nikkaro
whispered to the tear soaked girl. Softly shacking her,
with hopes to wake her. As Nikkaro atempts to wake the
dreaming Kaminora, he hears her hushed voice call out.
"No... it wasn't my fault..."

Kaminora is walking down a long strip of desert
like land. Her heart beating faster with every
step. "KAMINORA!" She stops at the sound of her name.
"Nikkaro..." she whispers, starting to run to the
frantic voice.
"I'm comming Nikkaro! Hold on!" she screams, now
running as fast as she can. Soon the desert begins to fill
with moisture. As she splashes through, she strains her
self, lissoning to Nikkaro's calls.

Kaminora! Wake up!" Nikkaro pulls the dreamming
girl into his arms. "Please... wake up..."

The liquid covering her sarroundings, starts to
spatter her face, and arms. It was warm... what ever it
was? Then she came to a clearing and stoped dead in her
tracks. Kaminora watched in horror as blood flowed like a
river around her. She slowly lifted her hand into veiw.
Watching the warm, sticky blood drip from her felsh, she
stoped breathing.
"Kaminora..." A voice whispered from behind her.
Slowly she turned to face the voice's owner. The tears
started to pour from her eye's like fountains, as she stood
face to face with her mother. "Kaminora, why did you leave
me?" The late queen of the planet Jupiter asked. "You left
me to die."
"No! Mother, I tried to go back! They took me
away!" She pleaded with her mother.

"Mothrer?" Nikkaro repeated still tyring to wake
the slumbering Kaminora.

"You left me there to die, Kaminora! I will never
forgive you for that!" Her mother's face became angry and
full of hatred. Then Kaminora saw a tall, shadowy figure
walking up from behind her mother.
"No... father" Kaminora whispered as she fell to
her knees.
"Did you enjoy watching us die, Kaminora? Didn't
you love us at all?!" Her father sneered at her.
"Father! I cryed for so many years! I missed you so
"Well crying didn't save them and it won't save
you!" a cold voice hissed from behind her.
"Sensai! Hotaru, please! I tried so hard to protect
the castal! I just wasn't strong enough!"
"You were always too weak! I should took your
brother as my aprentess! He would have been able to save
me! And your family!" Hotaru's bright violet eyes were now
cold as ice. "And now it is time for death... to die!!"
Hotaru roared as she lifted her glave into the air.
Kaminora shut her eyes hoping it would end right there. But
all she heard were more screams. Screams of pain.
When she opened her eyes, she saw an image of her
self, in a long black dress. And a black cloak that was
flowing in the wind. She held the silence glave in the air
poissed and ready to slice what ever was in her way.

"Setsuno..." Kaminora whispered.
"Setsuno?" Nikkaro repeated staring quizickly at
his slumbering love.

"No! Setsuno!!!" Kaminora screamed as she watched
to sliver blade slice through his body. "Nooooo!" After
Setsuno fell to the ground, Kaminora raced over to him. She
pulled him into a tight hug. "I'm sorry Setsuno... I'm
sorry..." His blood leaking onto her, staining her green
night dress.
"Why...Kaminora... why?" Setsuno's face held a look
of pain, and sarrow, sarrow for her.
"No Setsuno!!!" Kaminora yelled as he fell limp.
Kaminora turned around to find her self satring into black
eyes. They were filled with a malicious, and twisted
contement. As the dark reflection smiled down on herself,
she lifted a finger and pointed to two girls standing in
shock. The pain in their eyes burned into Kaminora's mind.
Then with an evil grin the cloacked Kaminora lept off tword
them, silence glave ready for the kill. "No! Jikonchi,
Kiorriana! Run!" She screamed as she watched in horror. But
it was too late. Kaminora watched as the blade ripped open
their flesh and poured their crimson blood all over the
"This is what you are, you know... You're a killer!
You live for this Kaminora... I'm only doing what you wish
you could do." The dark Kaminora laughed at her!
"No! I don't kill! It wasn't my fault!" Kaminora
screamed back.
"Kaminora!" Herashino's voice boomed over the
silence around her. "You have dishonered me!"
"Shino-kun! Run, get away!" She pleaded.
"No Kaminora! I do not run from my enamies! I'm not
a cowerd like you!" He yelled back readying himself for
"Dear, dear Shino-kun... you should lisson to your
sister! Because you are no match for me!" The dark Kaminora
threw the glave into the air and charged at Herashino. She
delt him a few mind blowing punches, rendering him helpless
on his knees. Kaminora watched as a single tear found it's
way down her brother's cheek. "Your pathetic tears mean
nothing to me fool!" Dark Kaminora laughed as she cought
the blade and swung it in one easy motion, decapitating her
older brother. But befor the blade had hit him, Kaminora
heard him whisper.
"I'm sorry Kaminora..."

"NOOOOOOOO!" Kaminora screamed in her
sleep. "SHINO-KUN!" Nikkaro held her tighter, trying
despretly to confine her thrashes.

"Why.. why me?" Kaminora sobed. "Why must I suffer
so much?!"
"Kaminora?" A soft voice said. "Kaminora what's
wrong?" Slowly she turned to see Nikkaro walking twords her.
"Nikkaro..." She breathed, "NO! stay away! It's not
safe here! Please run away!" Just as the words had left her
lips, a silver blade thrusted out of his midsection. He
looked up at her with a pure look of betryal, sprawled all
over his pale features.
"Ka... mi...nor..a" He whispered befor the blade
was ripped from his body. As he fell, he reviled the evily
grinning face of her self. Her own cruel laughter ringing
in her ears.

"No Nikkaro!" She screamed between sobs. "You can't
die! Please don't leave me!"
"Kaminora! I'm right here!"He cryed, trying to wake

"Did you enjoy killing us Kaminora!? Did you like
the smell of our blood!? You must really love the kill more
than you loved us!" All of Kaminora's loved ones began to
walk twords her. Kaminora took a step back, then looked
behind her. She was standing on the edge of a cliff, over
looking a black hole."Death must die! You must atone for
all you have done! Return to your relm and rule it!" She
strated to step back, but a slow and steady song filled her
ears. The saddnig song echoed in her mind. She began to see
all the faces begin to disapear, Kaminora started to
realise it wasn't her fault. Then her dark form began to
rise above her, "Silence!" she called. Then once again the
faces returned and continued their blames on Kaminora.
Kaminora took another step back, and fell from the cliff
Kaminora's eyes snaped open. She lept from
Nikkaro's arms landing on the floor with out a sound.
Nikkaro moved over to her.
"No! Stay away!" she yelled at him. Nikkaro
flinched. The words had hurt him. But he still reached out
for her. "Don't touch me Nikkaro!" She screamed hitting his
hand away, that hurt him even more.
"Why ... Kaminora?"
"Every thing that touches me dies! I couldn't
handle it if your death was on my head as well!" She cryed.
"Kaminora, it was just a dream!"
"No! It's true! Death must die! I must atone for
all I have killed!"
"No you don't! You didn't kill any one! It was just
a nightmare! I'm not going any where! I'm not going to die!
None of us are going to die any time soon!" Nikkaro pulled
Kaminora into his arms. Enclosing her in his warm
enbrace. "Don't you ever push me away again..."
"But..." Kaminora began to sob.
"But nothing! Just cry on my shoulder... I'll never
leave your side Kaminora..." He whispered strocking her
long brown hair, "It'll be okay... just let it out, and

By: Kitty Maxwell
Auther's note: The story of the dream was based on an
actual dream. It was converted into S.M.R.P.G. format to
make it easyer to write. And i would like it if you would
send me your thoughts onb the changes. Thank you.

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