Procrastination is Key
2001-12-20 03:40:45 (UTC)

got 'em!

My grades have all been posted at last!!! 3 A-'s a B and a
B (in calculus!!) WOW!! I'm extremely excited b/c I really
thought that I had screwed up my comp 14 and math 83
grades:-p What a relief!
So tomorrow is shopping day with dear Kathryn- its gonna be
fun:-) Hope I don't spend too much money though- I
shouldn't since I only have like 2 more presents to buy- I
don't think that I bought as many this year as last, which
is good and bad I guess.
Today I travelled back to the old high school- not as bad
as it could have been:-p Saw a LOT of the same old people
though- it never really changes I guess.
Lets see what else- friday is the friend christmas party
where I will hopefully see lots of people that I haven't in
a while- and also hopefully we won't get on each others
nerves- hehe;-) I MADE BANANA BREAD!! I hope everyone likes
it- one has been sampled and its gotten good reviews- hehe-
Not sure what got into me but there were just a whole bunch
of really ripe bananas around and I thought- "Hey, so it
doesn't matter that the only time I've made this was in 9th
grade home ec- I'm gonna make some kick ass banana bread!"-
hehe, and the rest is history!
Alright that is all for now- I guess I'll play some pool to
make my friend happy.