Forgotten Misery
2001-12-20 03:23:52 (UTC)


well journal its been cool but my computer is going to be
taken down soon and that means no more aol for me! I wont
probly be on thursday due to studys and parties then friday
is the big loading day! Im not to sure if im leaving on
friday or saturday depends sniffles i best get to sleep in
my bed so yeah anyways.....I think I did really good on my
chemistry final today yeah yeah go me!!!!!!!!!
anyways what else have i done today oh yeah hugged kruer
hey its a step back to friends joy let me tell u how much
that means lol no im being mean i will stop! Just got back
from marissas it was cool!!! We made halos for tomorrow
and we are gona dress up and look really cute for once lol
since the single club now lives on with me and marissa in
it again which i plan to stay single im not ready for
anything after being treated the way i was and the hurt
that was caused makes me think ive been through to much and
im sick of it im happier right now anyways no one is there
to make me sad anymore i can be happy and all gooofy again
i changed and im back to me now so kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I love each and everyone with all of soul and from the
bottom of my heart. Each on of you will hold a special
spot and each one of you have different meaning to me. I
have so many memories both good and bad with all of u
memories that will never fade!

Remeber marissa my maid of honor along with jamie and
maggie we will be friends for life ha scary thought us one
day growing up and getting married to who knows well jamie
to cory but as for me and marissa the lost souls we will
find our knight in shining armor that will love us like
none other has or every could fate will step and in and we
will find our soul mates and until that day comes the
search goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff::Babe have a good life I hope to stay in touch with
you because you have always been a really good friend to me
that was always there to listen when i was down like when
we first meet around a year ago when my heart was broken u
were there and then when kruer broke it u were there if u
remeber being there or not u were cause i knew u cared
about me! We had alot of good times and hold those
memories of us close to my heart and always will! and once
again im sorry for any grief i caused u.................
Take care and keep living life to its fullest!

Zak:: As i have already said my counselor when my heart
was broken a shoulder to cry on. Im glad we meet and
became friends u will be truley missed but if you ever feel
the need to call me do!

Everyone else: I love ya and the same applies if ya ever
need somewhere to go to get away or someone to talk to u
know how to reach me cause i will send my new e-mail phone
and address to u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care and dont do anything I wouldnt do twice!

Well all is good with me and im off to a new life

Love Now and Forever,
Andrea Elizabeth Roberts