my life (as told by me)
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2001-12-20 03:18:45 (UTC)

a lil whacked i see...

well, um, first time for everything i guess. i'm scared of
this thing honestly, but i'll give it a try...i guess. lol.
anyways, what's going on in my life at this moment?
NOTHING. great huh? christmas in what, less than a week?
and i'm bummed....worse than anything. it's just wonderful,
considering it's supposed to be a happy time. haha. i ate
today though. makes me proud!....well i mean, i've eaten
over the past few days, but not enough. i dont think a bowl
of cereal, a bag of chips, a sandwich and a soda is enough.
but i ate dinner today. chinese food is good, especially
when you're starving cuz you havent eaten in what, 3 days?
and i mean, my god i love i dont know why i didnt
eat. but i think i had a fairly decent day. well, no, ok i
lied. but i do think i passed my math test...first one in
an awful long time. :) thanks to my tutor. and i hate the
fact that my parents stalk me when i'm online. they dont
have to tower right over me trying to read what i'm doing.
my goodness! (that sounded stupid) is this a good thing? i
laughed today. as in really cracked up. that was another
first over the past 3 days. I'M DEPRESSED as if you couldnt
tell. but probably not cuz i try to hide it. but i spilled
my heart out to brittany earlier, which made me feel so
much better. i just really appreciate her listening to me.
she's so much like a sister to me and it's nice knowing
she's there for me. i'd do the same for her any day. hm...
what else is new? oh ya. sam's confusing as hell, and
cory's a sex fiend. ;) and my knee is still being stupid
and hates me so's like it doesnt want to get
better when i want it to. grrrrr. it pisses me off cuz w/o
my knee, i cant exactly ride. :( wow my life really is in a
down lately, isnt it? dont get me wrong, i love life
soooooo much...i'm just in a down at the moment....i didnt
do my essay...which was due i have to hand it
in late, and i'm not even close to done yet. that's the
nice thing about study hall in band and gym (for me).
welllllllllll, i think i should go and try to
sleep....speaking of sleep, that's another thing i havent
gotten enough of in the past few days. this vacation is
definitely a needed one for me. i can catch up on some
zzzzzzz's and just be a lazy ass with no knee, no heart
(squished someplace on a floor most likely) and no life.
going to bed....i'll be better tm, i hope. it's a day by
day thing for me now, but i'm slowly getting better. a
little bit each day.

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