Jena's Rants
2001-12-20 03:12:24 (UTC)

Why don't we get a manual when we get a life.

I mean, even less complex and confusing pieces of machinery
get directions or at least a manual to help you with it's
use or function. A damned toaster comes with a booklet,
and it's written in fifteen different languages 'just in
case'! You would think that something as complex as a
human being, whose mind alone is an enigma, would come with
some type of directions. I mean a damned post-it note with
some reminders would have helped.

In case you get confused
about your existence
the meaning of life is....

Our luck it would have gotten ripped at the most crucial
part. Can you relate though? I mean really, where are the
answers? Inside you say, okay then, well how do I get in
there? Oh, you mean a scaple isn't the right way to go!?
Well, how am I supposed to know there's no directions
around here, you said inside - how was I supposed to know
that you meant on a mental and emotional level, not an
actual physical way!? Geez a whiz!