2001-04-07 20:52:54 (UTC)

yester day at school k paissed..

yester day at school k paissed me off. she said that i was
the one who started the promblem and it was all her. i was
joking around and she said some thing mean about me and i
was right there and my once friend r was on her sid so i
will not hang out with any of my 7th grade friends that are
girls and a. i'll finsh the list of people

ma'rya- my best friend i can tell any thing even thogh shes in
6ht grade.
ashely- one cool 6th grader who wont put up with any thing.
trista-nice pretty and one cool 8th grader (can take a joke)
Amanda- my cuzins(not for real) but she the best. we just say we
are cuzins
amber- athletic and cool but can be pissy

Robbie- a jerk i whent out with but now where cool
tyler- one cool bro (not my bro) we just say that
taylor- one big boy but my friend as of now.
casey- my bro (not my bro) we just say that we are friends
thats all i can think of right now.
i have to go talk to u later

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