2001-12-20 02:34:14 (UTC)


I stuck more to a schedule today and was able to accomplish
a great deal more than I have in the past few days. It
helps that my ears are feeling better too!

This morning I baked cookies and made fudge. I filled the
cookie jar with various Christmas cookies and put together a
plate of them to bring to John's parents this afternoon.

Louise came over to pick up the cell phone and Jack's plane
itinerary. After she left John and I went to Junction City
to run errands. I had grocery shopping to do. John wanted
to go to bank to get the boys' savings bonds as he is
planning on cashing them and giving them the money from
them. He also wanted to go to the DMV and fill out the
papers so that the van is in my name as well as his. John's
parents weren't home so we left the cookies for them on
their back porch.

Jack called me from Detroit at mid-day. It seems that his
flight was cancelled because someone had tried to bring a
butter knife on board. He said he was surprised by how they
were quickly over run with National Guardsmen with rifles.
He waited four hours and was rescheduled to Detroit. He
told me he was happy to discover there that he'd already
been booked clear to Portland and would be arriving two
hours earlier than his original itinerary.

So, tonight all six of us will be home. That makes me very
happy indeed.