lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-20 02:21:46 (UTC)

am i beating marisa yet??

yeah i think i am. but i'm sure she'll be on here today or
tomorrow typing 10 more entries and then i'll be back where
i belong. yay.

alright, so what's up? i'm supposed to be doing
homework...accck. i have a paper due tomorrow and i really
don't want to write it cuz everything i write for fendy
gets shut down. and that is discouraging since writing has
always been my "thing". sigh.

but yeah, life is awesome. really really weird, but
awesome. i have groovy friends at school. i mean my
friends are different than britt's friends for the most
part, but i think that's part of the point. i guess.
actually the people i like the best are my freshmen girls
from missions club. freshmen are nicer than anybody else,
that's what i say. mm hmm.

yeah and i took my chem test today (yay) so i don't have
anything else difficult coming up, especially since i only
have one day of school left. ahh niceness.

the only scary thing is surgery. i've been trying not to
sweat it but other people seem to like to talk about THE
RISKS...i'd prefer to wait till saturday, thanks.