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2001-12-20 02:18:32 (UTC)

just got home from a night with..

just got home from a night with my mommy at a bar.
we had a great time. =)
lots of ntn.
i love her so much...
im listening to boyz II men.
good stuff man. good stuff.
emily is at work...
i hope that her night is going very well.
i wish that all of her nights went very well.

i just talked to adrienne.
she might meet me for coffee in a bit.
that could be cool..
i love her so much.
im listening to counting crows.
and loving life right about now.
jatin just imed me too.
he said hes probably coming over later.
mixed emotions up the ass.

i dont know if i like this whole...me talking to these
people again thing.
i dont know.
i just dont know.
i love them. i just dont know.
aaggghhhhhhhh lol

i really like this song.
murder of one.
good song.

green jello from mommy makes me happy.
baby just called me.
shes off early.
hot girl smacked her ass.
funny how some people would be weird about that.
funny how im not.
she loves me.
sex today.
made me happy.

maybe i was a boy.
somethings wrong with me man.
i dunno.
but you know
i dont really care either =)
i am happy.
and thats all that matters.

cramps will be coming shortly.
i hope david is there tonight.
i miss him.
hes a good talk.
yes yes he is.

stupid movie that we watched last night.
very stupid.
and i had the misfortune of being sober.
and having to watch that 2 1-2 hours of shhhiittt
i want to kiss.
right now.
i want to kiss forever.
i want to lay in someones arms for always
and just watch out the window of it all
and be like
yeah yeah im here but whatever i dont care
becuase im happy.
happy tonight.
i am in love and christmas is coming
mommy asked me about jennifer tonight
yeah yeah i dont know whats going on with that.
drugs and time and bullshit.
i loved talking to shaun =)
he made me feel a comfort i havent felt in a long time.
i was 45 mins late
and i knew.
he wouldnt be the slightest bit pissed.
and he was right on time.
i am so in love with that boy.
hes such a fucking beautiful person.
and it makes me so glad to know
that no one can take him from me.
nothing and no one.
i was first.
and i will always be in his mind.
and yeah
i love him.
and its great cuz
were just friends.
just best of friends.
and that
makes it even more beautiful.

jatin and all of them
oh goodness.
i never thought that id be hanging out with these people
and hes the one putting forth the effort to see me.
call me.
invite me.
call me on my bday
its this strange feeling for me
of like,
being happy because i miss them.
and at the same time.
being sad becuase...
i miss them


my life is insane.
it really fucking is.

but its okay

everything just is.