Pure Belligerence
2001-04-07 19:16:41 (UTC)

*Amy: cow whisperer*

hey, as iv probably mentioned many times before im at my
dads house, like i am most weekends. hes big into hunting
and stuff. He has a farm here which i so love. goatie
(snowball) went through puberty i think. If youve never
had a horny goat try to hump you, you should consider
yourself lucky. Now i have big bruses on my legs. Patches
(cow) is really sweet.... and im the only one who he'll let
get near him.... i wonder why, everyone else beats the poor thing.
we have many more animals
which i wont bore you about. But about the hunting
thing.... i hate it. When my dad goes up to his hunting
cabin in good old brookfield new york (weird, he lives in
brookfield ct) it isnt so bad, besides the fact that the total
population is about 86 and the only radio stations that come in are
country. But when him and all his
redneck hunting buddies come here to cut up their deers or
pheasents or whatever it saddens me. Its pathetic that i
know how to disembowel a deer. Good thing that hunting
season is over (i think) So yes, now you know why my diary
is called stuck in hicksville. I own cows.