Clouds n Sun
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2001-12-20 02:08:58 (UTC)

Ho Hum Life

Well, this morning was a bit of a shock because my car
wouldn't start. I thought about calling in sick, but the
attendance at good ol' Insteel's pretty harsh, so I waited
until I got off work to deal with it. Went to Wal-Mart and
swapped my 5 month old battery-still under warranty- for a
new one, so I hope the problem is solved. Work was awful
today, nothing went right and I had to work my ass off. My
hygiene's really slipping here lately, but I figure what's
the point of staying clean when I'll just go to work and
get filthy, black as an Ethiopian again. Besides, it's
been so chilly lately that I haven't really sweated, so
maybe I won't smell, lol. I'm pretty tired right now, it's
8:05 pm and I'm probably going to bed soon. I'm talking to
two of my virtual friends right now on instant messenger,
and it's kinda boring. I do so wish I lived near them
though because they seem like great people. Anyhow, guess
I'll go now and I wish I had the discipline to write more
like this because I think it does help something somewhere.