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2001-12-20 02:04:51 (UTC)

A New Beginning...A New Life...

for the past few days, i have experienced da most
unforgettable heartbreak of my life. it is very painful
when the person u love does not love u da same...or even
not love u at all. i met tom on Oct 28 at around 8 pm. i
didnt kno who he was. but something in my heart tells me
to meet him. and did. even til today, i dont regret
knowin or lovin him because i am now a stronger person. he
gave me my most happiest days, and i thank him for that.
he was the first person who made me feel beautiful and
special. thank u tom. from the bottom of my heart, i wish
u da very best with everything. dont let fears from the
past keep u from achieving ur dreams in da future.

today is my 18th birthday. a brand new chapter in my
life. tho heartbroken, i can still manage to have a smile
on my face. i believe that i found a very special friend.
his name is chris. i feel comfortable telling him about my
happiness, my sadness, my fears. yes, i lost the person
that i love, but i gained a brand new friendship. thank u
chris for teaching about things in life that i can never
learn anywhere else. i feel very happy that u allow me to
share ur past experiences, i truly have learned a lot from
u. i wish u da very best. thank u chris....for
what?...jus because u deserve to be thanked. =)