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2001-12-20 01:53:35 (UTC)

I'm a disappointment to feminists everywhere.

I know I must be, because I went back on my promise to be
okay with being alone.
Don't get me wrong, I'm OKAY with being alone,
but...here's the picture- me alone, me single, equals me
coming home from school everyday vegging on the couch,
watching tv, snacking my ass off. Well, it should probably
be snacking my ass ON, since, you know, 1,000 cheezy
doodles don't make you slim.
But today, I sort of talked to this guy, and I'm
interested, and he's interested, and he's SO hot, and
something could possibly happen, and just that possibility
has put me in a much better mood. I sing to the car radio,
I had no desire to snack or vegg today...a much happier me.
But when I broke up with my long time boyfriend last
spring, I was all for being just by myself. I thought,
it's totally fulfilling to be alone, I don't need a
boyfriend. Being single is great, I don't need a man, etc.
So I feel almost like I'm betraying myself, because I was
so gung ho to be single and now the prospect of dating
someone has put me in such a better place. Is it sad that
I can't be this excited for myself without a guy involved?

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