All in the Night
2001-12-20 01:21:55 (UTC)

Last day!

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the semester. I have
to take my english and band exams, so the day should be
pretty easy. I wish we were allowed to have exemptions
though! I can't believe Christmas is in like ohhh, 6
days! Time seems to have been flying by ever since school
started in August. I reall hope that this break seems to
last forever, i really oculd use one abotu now. I need to
prioritize and make a few decisions, such as where i want
to go to college! Chad is leaving in a month, and since we
haven't really had time to see each other lately, i dont'
think i'll miss him as much as i would if like one of my
really really close friends left....you know what i mean?
But anyways, i want ot get together with my firends a lot
over this break! its like we never have time to do
anythign anymore!!! OH yeah, guess who called me to ask
about the essay on Catch-ss today??? Little Miss "i read
the whoel book in a day" Amber!!! She was like "help me i
dont' understand anythign at all! Agh, i can't stand her!
I wish she'd just go aways, anyways, i'm tired so i'll have
to type more later1 Goodnight all!

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