My Life
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2001-12-20 01:20:36 (UTC)

The Beginning

I don't know how to start this. there is so much to say and
im not sure about it. Im just going to start from
yesterday. My dog died. but the thing is, is he loved me so
much and i loved him sooo soo much that all yesterday and
sall today i was crying. it hasn't even set in yet. and ive
cried buckets. My friends wouldn't understand. they
probably think im pathetic. but thats them. i know im not,
because i loved that dog. i had finals today, and i really
didn't feel like going, but i had to, or i would of failed
REALLY BADLY! Christmas is in 6 days. this christmas will
be the worst ever. i never thought i'd say christmas would
be bad, but it will be this year. my dog is gone, my dad is
an alcoholic and won't admit it to us, my family is falling
apart and i feel that my dad might leave us. he just
doesn't understand and expects us to understand his
problems and not bugg him about it when we don't. here i go
crying again. and i hate my father for that. we moved once,
from the place i loved. Hawaii. everyone says i am lucky, i
know i am, but now we might move back and im not sure i
want to. the only thing i live for now, is my dream of
becoming famous and living the life i diserve.
the guy im going to winter ball with is very cute, and
thats the only other thing i can live for now. i don't know
if he still likes me even. if i didn't have him, i would;ve
killed myself by now. then at least i'd be with my dog...
hopefully. i don't know...ill write more later, but now, i
can't its just too hard.

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