My Life, Boring As It May Be
2001-12-20 01:10:15 (UTC)

1 down

SO yeah. One down, two to go. I had chem today. It was
pretty damn good. I am really happy today :) I had such a
good day (other than the few hours when I felt ill). TOm
came into chem exam and looked around, waved to me and
turned back around. It was hot. He's so cute. He makes me
nuts :) Defdef good vibes. I am reallyreallyreally happy
about this, even tho nothing has transpired yet...
Derek was trying to help me think of soemthing to do over
vaca. He suggested ice skating- as if I want to make a fool
of myself. We'll see. I have calc tomorrow- OWWWWWWWWWWW. I
havent been able to study - Ive been quite distracted. All
in all, its been a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet week. I have to go
finish studying so I can go to midnight breakfast with my
sis and my 2nd favorite roomate...
Oh yes so let me tell you a story quick. Today at dinner I
lightly tapped Maria on the arm and she spilled her milk on
herself and she flipped out. She yelled at me and I
seriously had to fight tears. It was the only bad part of
this wonderful wonderful day. Oooooooooohhhhhhhh That's
all. So if you see her, yell at her. Thanks!!!

"you've got me wild, turned around inside..."