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2001-12-20 01:07:26 (UTC)


Okay, So I found out that tow of my friends both cut
themselves b/c they're so depressed. I never knew that
one was depressed. It wasn't really surprising about
the other one, I mean since he's been thru so much stuff with this
one girl and all. I just feel so bad for them. B/c last year I was
like that. All depressed, I use to take painkillers to try
to get rid of the pain, but I just wanna shake them and
yell at them "IT DOESN'T HELP!!!" In your mind it helps,
but truely it doesn't. It jsut kind of helps to stop
thinking. But anyways, so I dunno what to do about them,
and it's a secret and everything, b/c I mean the whole
school doens't need to know about it. ya' know? But dude, I
jsut feel SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad for them, and I dunno what to
do. ahh!!! but anyways.. Gonna go, let's see how this
journal thing works. lol, Bubye!

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