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2001-12-20 01:06:35 (UTC)

My New Diary... 12.19.01

Well, it has been a long time since I have written in my
real journal diary thingy. Since I keep forgetting to
write in it, I've decided to start an online one since I
use my computer a lot.

Let's see... what I did today..went to my English class for
the final day but since we already took our final last
week, we just got our exam back and found out what grade we
got in the class. I got a friggin B. Egh! Afterwards, I
went to the counceling office to make sure that I have all
my courses planned correctly for the rest of my year at
Miramar.. don't wanna be taking classes I don't need. Know
what I'm saying? Well yeah the counceler lady was all
suprised that I got all my classes listed down for the rest
of my Miramar days. After that, I went over to Mike's
house and watched some t.v... and fell asleep for like a
couple of hours..we were supposed to go to the mall so I
can find what I want for Christmas..but noOo..the lazy butt
nut fell asleep and then I got bored and fell asleep
too..egh.. After that he heated some leftover food from
last night..and we ate that for lunch..yum..steak and
mashed potatoes..my favorite..Picked up my bro after that
aat school and then got the mail..and now I'm at
home..great so far huh? gotta work on a paper due tomorrow
before midnight. I love the concept of just emailing my
honors music teacher my papers before midnight the day it's
due..so neato..hah..

Some person whose aim sn is "snugglybear69" just pretended
to be my bf and wanted to cyber..gross..some people are
just sick out there..seriously..have no lives..yuck..

I think that's all I gots to type for now..oOo it bugs me
when people say that they are talking online..when actually
they're typing at each other..ahaha..these aol
people..really..get a life.. most of you at least..ahah..