my so called life
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2001-04-07 17:44:58 (UTC)

Hey.. This is my first entry,..

This is my first entry, the next will probably be longer..
that's my plan, anyway..
English isn't my first language, just as you know it..

Today isn't really a good day.. The good thing is I don't
have to go to school for 10 days.. it's easter, you see.
Finally a week not stressing about my grades. I need it for
sure, some time off I mean.
But all my friends are turning 18, and it's really no fun
being 17 when it's saturday..
So, tonight I'm gonna watch a chick flick with my friend
Lucy. That'll be good. She's only 17 too.. aren't we lucky..
Ben left today, it sucks, miss him already.. and I have no
right to.. *sigh*
Haven't eaten all day, so I've gotta get some food before
I'm off.
I'll write more later..