Another lost soul

Caste Shadows
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2001-12-19 22:48:35 (UTC)


I read Whitney's other journal. I couldn't help myself.
But I'm feeling something again. An odd mix of fear,
longing, and emptyness. But I can't talk to her today. I
fear that I would mess things up further. It will have to wait.

I let Chi know that we would still talk. She doesn't need
to worry about me. She's too happy and carefree for that.
If I can't make her happy then I shouldn't be anything else.
I wonder how Lise and Tiffany and anyone else are doing...
oh no, I hope Eva won't be worried... I know she will. I
need to make sure she doesn't.

It looks like I'm seeing Lord of the Rings tonight instead
of this afternoon. Hopefully I can make it in. I have to
be strong. I can't let anyone know that something is wrong.

I really want to talk to Whitney... but I just can't. It
will have to wait. Tommarrow will be a new day.

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