Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2001-12-19 22:12:57 (UTC)

Over the moon...shopping's over as well

Today I got up early, and went to the mall again, this
time, determined to finish my shopping.
I bought a Hedwig keychain-coin purse for my sister,
(apart from the music box), to go with the bag mom got her.
I also got a new HP wallet for me...^^
I bought a Snape figure for my sister's boyfriend, coz I
knew it is his fave character, ever since we all went to
see the movie. He better like it. I could've bought it for
I remembered once that we were talkin' after lunch the
other day, talking about presents, and someone mentioned
that in Spain, people gave their mothers baskets with
delikatessen. And mom said 'well, good for them! That's a
very nice present'...and stuff. That got stucked in my head
forever. So, today I went to a Spanish delikatessen shop,
and bought my mom's present: bombons,
truffles, 'alfajor', 'polvoron', 'chorizo', and other
spanish delicacies. I also bought a jar of Nutella (which
is my fave european import), and then I bought a basket.
Nice, huh?
I bought dad a CD of music he likes. That should do it as
well. I didn't want to buy him clothes, anymore. How boring.

I learnt the choreography for Sera Myu's La Soldier. It was
fun. This summer's very promising...yeah, it promises to be
BORING...so I decided to take action: I'm gonna ride my
bike again (at least 3 times a week), gonna do lots of arts
the other days, keep in touch with my site and update as
much as possible, and most of all...eat well again!! Uni
really affected my diet. I put on weight, of course...-__-