stars in the sky emo in the heart
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2001-12-19 22:08:29 (UTC)

new show finally

went to a show last night. got trashed. it was fun.

ive been staying away from jay and kyle. they both just
need to figure out that i dont wanna be tied down at all.

me and carlye are going to go to the mall and see about
finding some blue pants for me. i ripped my last ones.

i need some new shoes. well see about that too.

it snowed today. i just sat on my porch blowing bubbles
waiting for carlye to some over to we could see the new
gforce site. its pretty cool.

i really hate christmas. to be perfectly honest and bitchy,
i hate buying stuff for other people. its a pain in the
ass. and i love having money for myself. thats why i do
painting and give those to my friends, its a lot easier.

im going to an art show later on this week. my art has its
own room. the owner said most of my pieces might be bought.
im really excited.

im debating on applying for next semester schooling. ive
been so bored and if i go to school, my dad says that i
dont have to work anymore since im doing something with my
life. sounds like a good bargain. but well see.

but im going to go now. bye.