Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
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2001-12-19 22:04:01 (UTC)

It's the season...

Yesterday, after my last exam, I went to the mall, to start
my Christmas shopping; I was expecting a lot of seasons
rush, and a big crowd, but there was none at all. I think
it was pretty normal. Must be coz it's not 24th yet... nah,
maybe it's because of the hour I chose to go there.
I bought my sister's present, only, coz I was afraid I was
going to be home pretty late...for lunch, specially.
She told me some time ago, that she had seen these
gorgeous Harry Potter music boxes in some Hallmark store,
and that she wanted one for Christmas...and I went
like 'oh, you mean...that I have to buy it for you? Are you
insane? They're expensive. If I buy this for you, I'll have
to buy crummy presents for all the others'...and she was
like very disappointed. But then I got my X'mas special
allowance, and I decided to go for it. I wanted to do that
from the very beginning, but I like to keep their
expectations as low as possible. I've always been an expert
on surprises, coz I can be very mean...
So, I went to the store yesterday after class, as I was
saying, and I found that they had 3 different models of
boxes: Bertie Bott's every flavour beans, plain HP logo,
and Hermione...hmm...what to do? Gee, I could always ask
her, but that'd ruin the surprise, and besides, these'll be
gone, if I don't buy one like right now...so I went to
other stores to look up for other kinds of merchandise, but
I knew in the back of my mind that I'd end up buying the
box, so I headed back to the store; when I got there, there
were only 2 boxes left! Bertie Bott's, and Hermione! 'Ah,
screw this.' I took the Hermione box, payed for it, and
went like 'she's gonna have to like it or else...!'
Today, I found out in conversation, that she actually
wanted the Hermione box (yay, me! I actually KNOW my
sister!)...she told me she went to the store and that the
box she wanted was gone (she seemed very upset about
this)...of curse, I didn't tell her that I was the one who
bought it...