Whats ^ With Katie
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2001-12-19 21:51:02 (UTC)

Day with cover

Hey ull im just chillin with chelsea all day, we went over to
barton creek mall to scope out the hot westlake
guys..woo hoo!!!
but neways yah tonights plans have been ruined Rashad again
cant do anything tonight due to some certain reason so if anyone
wants to do somthin just call and yes i know i got it bad..every time
i ask him to do somthin or call him he either has somthin to do or
doesnt want to no one even thinks were goin out tell me what you
think (hopfully its not -)!
Again Chels is staying the night over here and peeps are comin
and goin like always so if you wana do somthin give me a call......
o and girls be safe at wes's land party fasten your condoms sorry i
cant show OMG Jenn i miss you so much I love you with all my heart u
r my all time best friend and i cant wait to see you , get better and
hurry home Love you all bunches plus more


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