2001-12-19 21:42:47 (UTC)

12-19-01 Again...

Still bored, checked all my email. DRI isn't on, LadyFae
isn't on, Katie's still gone. Got a few emails from my
neice, but they were all forwards. Mom and Dad home now,
still nothing new on the fanfiction front. Tired... Might
go listen to the radio for a while... IM from one of my
buddies would actually be nice, normally I'm too busy to
actually talk to them. DRI's not been doing trivia, wonder
if the group notices, or even cares. I might
attempt "Trouble in Paradise" again over Christmas break, I
started it once, but couldn't really get into it. I don't
feel like writing next chapter of D.o.D. and that works out
since I can't think of anything to write on it. No
important topics in fan fic world... By now Cassie's
stalker is old news, and everyone who cares already knows.
Except maybe Katie, who I can't email and tell about cause
she's in London... hmmm, I seem to talk about that alot.
Maybe I have abandoment issues... Christmas is fast
approaching and I'm still not in the Yuletide spirit. Can't
even get into Decking the Halls, so yeah... Read "A Sirius
Christmas" which was okay, but not really espicially
fluffy, or funny, or anything. It was just something that
ocuppied my mind a few minutes. On a brief note, it did
mention "Outlander" which gave me a big goofy grin.
Yesterday I got teased in math because Ashley started
saying I had a crush on Lance. Not even. He's cool (and
cute) but thats just as far as it goes. And this coming
from her, who denies repeatedly that she has a crush on her
youth pastor, and says that thinking someone is cute, and
having a crush on someone is entirely different. (which I
AGREE!) I'm beginning to think this diary is actually
a cool idea. I mean, the main problem with me keeping a
diary is the fact that I don't like to write a lot with pen
or pencil (it gives my hand cramps) But I do like typing, I
like to write, so writing on computer is a lot easier.
Samson (my doggie...) is curled on the floor looking like
squishy bear skin rug. So I'm still bored, and I guess
it's a good time to end this diary entry...

Peace out.