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Emo Violence
2001-12-19 21:19:43 (UTC)

quick entry

before i take a nap. man im exhausted. like REALLY tired.
im sick too, so this really sucks, all congested and gross.
im gonna rest quick, before i go to my dads and be pissy
there. *sneeze* dude fuck bein sick. im makin mix tapes,
super fast, they need to be made super fast to be ready by
friday and the weekend. 1/2 of 7 made. as soon as i get
this cd burned for side b i can start doin 2 tapes at a time

john asked for my number today.. heres what happened. at
lunhc we were talkin about x mas plans, and he asked if he
could come over one day and drop off my present, i told him
not to be silly and that he didnt have to get me a present,
but i said he could come over anyway, so then we are talkin
and i wasnt really payin attention and he passes his 1/2
finished math homework paper over to me and i was all
like "what the fuck, you wnat me to do your work??" and he
was like... "um no i wanted you to write your # down" i was
pretty embarassed and gave him my cell and home.

speaking of which, my cell rang 15 mil. times last night,
like ever 5 minutes, it drove me crazy, but i wouldnt turn
it off.

other wise, nothins up, got an x mas card from jay last
night, that was cool, got an email too, so i wrote him back.
its just that ive been busy lately.

element 101 is hot shit.


im in love with zac, no i dont but god this is so fucked
up, i like this boy SOO freakin much. i cant get over it.