Tamra's life
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2001-04-07 17:05:44 (UTC)


Hey, ITS FINALLY SPRING BREAK!!!!WHAOO! anyway, i have to
take care of my (ex)best friend's dog and cat while she is
on vaction...her name is Ashley and we grew up together...
she has a new best friend now because we grew apart. Now
she drinks, goes to parties, and whatnot...im still the
same chick i was but she has changed. I miss her so much..
She is ashamed to introduce me to her new friends cause ill
embarass her now. I am not the one she invites to go on
vaction with her anymore..im the officail dog watcher..does
anybody out there know how much that hurts?? :'-( yea, i
think im going go take care of her dog now...cause thats
what dog watchers do...